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Cheap flights to South Africa

With some picturesque deserts, sunny beaches in beautiful cities, and exotic safaris, South Africa must be added to your travel destinations bucket list as the place has a lot to offer you. As the holiday season is approaching, if you are still thinking of a perfect destination you want to travel to, you must waste no time and book your tickets to South Africa for a trip with friends or family. But, there are chances that you must be surprised to see the ticket prices of South Africa as they are so high these days and it gets really challenging finding cheap flights. 

To make things easy for you, here are some tips for finding cheap flights to South Africa so that you can enjoy your trip more and worry less about breaking the bank with expensive flight tickets.

Tips to Find Cheap South Africa Flights

If you are willing to book a flight to South Africa, here are a few tips to find cheap flights on any airline. While booking your tickets, keep these tips in mind to find cheap flight deals to South Africa. 

Advance booking - It is advised for passengers to book their tickets four weeks in advance in order to get a below-average flight ticket, as last-minute flight deals are not always cheap. 

Apply coupons/discounts - Many airlines offer different coupons/vouchers and discounts on their official website and social media. If you are a student, you can avail of student discounts or use Miles points at the payment gateway to get amazing deals. 

Search nearby airports - From your start destination, search for airports that offer the cheapest South African flights and get amazing deals. You can do the same for departure as well as arrival airports. 

Book via third-party - Sometimes, there are chances that you may find cheap flight deals to your favorite destination in South Africa through any travel agency or third-party sites. Look for different deals, compare the prices, and book tickets accordingly. 

Catch red-eye flights - Red-eye flights are the ones that depart in the evening and arrive the next morning. Because of the unusual timings of the flights, the airlines offer cheap flight deals on red-eye flights. 

Book during the promotional week - Almost every airline has its promotional week, where they offer flight tickets at a lower rate comparatively. Keep an eye on the airline's website and turn on notifications to book tickets during promotional week. 

Look for the cheapest day to fly - To get South Africa cheap flight deals, look for the cheapest days to fly with the airline. Usually, the flight tickets are cheap on weekdays as compared to weekends. 

Through low-fare calendars - Low-fare calendars show the ticket pricing according to the dates. Keep your travel dates flexible and search through low-fare calendars to book cheap flights accordingly. 

Get one-way trips - One-way trips are usually cheaper than round trips. It is advised to book two one-way flights rather than round trips, and flights with layovers and connections are also cheaper. 

Use SEO or incognito mode - Sometimes, official websites do not show the original fares of flights, or some flights are not even mentioned. It is recommended to search on different SEOs or use incognito mode to get amazing deals.  

Which month are flights cheapest in South Africa?

If you are looking for the cheapest month to fly to South Africa, you must know that from the United States, April is the best month to travel with cheap flight tickets. January, November, and December are considered high seasons with comparatively expensive tickets because of the high demand during the season. 

What is the cheapest time of the year to fly from the US to South Africa?

April is the cheapest time of the year to fly from the United States to South Africa because the demand for flights is low. 

Where is the cheapest place to fly into South Africa?

Many destinations in South Africa offer cheap deals, including Johannesburg's Oliver Tambo Airport (JNB), Cape Town's Airport (CPT), and Durban's King Shaka Airport (DUR). Johannesburg's Oliver Tambo Airport offers the cheapest flight deals of all and has good accessibility and connectivity. 

What days are the cheapest to fly to South Africa?

Usually, every airline has different cheapest days to fly to different destinations. If you are looking for the cheapest time to fly to South Africa, usually, mid-week, such as Wednesdays or even Mondays, are the days when you can find cheap flight deals. On weekends, the prices are usually hiked up, so avoid traveling on weekends. 

What airline is best to fly to South Africa?

If you are traveling from the United States, United Airlines and Delta are the most common airlines to fly with. Find out amazing deals and offers on flights, and the most popular route that offers the cheapest flight to South Africa is from New York City (JFK Airport) to Johannesburg's Oliver Tambo Airport (JNB).

How far in advance should I book a flight to Africa?

If you have planned your trip, it is advised to book your flights at least four weeks prior to the departure of your flight to get South Africa cheap tickets and deals on many flights. Also, last-minute deals are not always cheap, so do not wait till the last minute to miss out on some offers. 

Why are flights to South Africa so expensive at the moment?

If you are wondering why the flight ticket prices to South Africa are so unexpectedly high at the moment, there can be many factors influencing such as increased fuel prices, high demand for flights because of vacation or holiday time, and maybe a rapid decline in the airline capacity. All these factors can not be neglected; therefore, to cover the cost, the flight prices to many destinations are very high.