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How do I add an infant to my British Airways booking?

How do I add an infant to my BA flight?

Many passengers have difficulty adding the infant to their trip. So, if you are here for the same thing, then do not worry. Here we will provide you with every information about that. At British Airways, infant booking is easy, but there are some policies that you need to go through, and then you can add an infant easily. To learn the process of adding an infant into an already flight, then just have a look at the below points. 

  • Go to the British Airways site. 
  • Then log in by adding the username id and password. 
  • Now go through the manage booking option and fill in the booking reference number and last name. 
  • On the next page, you can see the details of your booking. Go to the add extra services option. 
  • And select Add an Infant; here, you need to provide all the details of the child, like name, birth certificate, father's name, mother's name, etc. 
  • Now pay the amount of that if required, and then click on the submit button. 
  • You will get the information from Air France that you have successfully added an infant to your flight, along with the infant guidelines. 

After that, you will receive confirmation that you have successfully added an infant to your flight, along with infant guidelines.

How much does an infant seat cost on British Airways?

Seating costs and carrycots are free for infants who are below the age of 2 years. But the weight of the baby should be 12/5 kg or less than that. Otherwise, the British Airways infant seat charges will be imposed on you. So, know about your baby's weight first before going on the flight. Also, keep in mind that the carrycots are for infants of 6 months and less than that, and the weight should be 8 kg. 

British Airways' infant policy

There are some infant policies that you need to keep in mind before booking a seat for an infant on British Airways. Otherwise, there are chances that you will have to pay the extra charges. Read the policies as provided below. 

  1. Seven days old or less than that baby is not allowed at British Airways as it might cause health damage to your baby. 
  2. You are suggested to carry solid proof of the infant's age; otherwise, there are chances that you have to pay the proper charges for your infant. 
  3. As per British Airways' infant policy  carry the whole medical documents of the child that, includes all vaccination reports, any other disability if have, etc., 
  4. If you are carrying your child on your lap all along your journey, then you do not have to pay any infant charges. 
  5. On a single passenger's lap, you are allowed to carry an infant only for the other child. You have to book a baby car seat or a child seat.  
  6. You are suggested to carry baby food and a bottle because sometimes, at the time of travel, the authorities are unable to arrange food for you. In that case, you should have everything for your baby. 

So, here is the infant policy and all the important points you need before carrying an infant. For more information, you can visit the site of British Airways.