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How do I call United Airlines from South Africa?

How do I contact United Airlines from South Africa?

Are you looking to book a United flight to South Africa? If yes, then you might be interested in knowing about the immigration policies and documents required to travel to the country. In such a case, you are advised to talk to a United Airlines representative from South Africa to get the information. 

Call United Airlines from South Africa for fast help

To get United Airlines South Africa's phone number, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official page of United Airlines. 
  • Click on Contact Us and select the Call Us option. 
  • Reach the call directory and find South Africa to get the official number. 
  • Dial 0214268058(Reservations) and connect your call. 
  • Listen to the IVR and press the key that leads to a real person on the line.

United Ticket Office
+27 (11) 463-1170
23 Eaton Avenue
Bryanston, Johannesburg 2191, South Africa

MileagePlus Service Center: 0214268058

Where does United Airlines fly in South Africa?

United Airlines offers ten flights to South Africa from Newark to Cape Town and Johannesburg. If you have traveled to South Africa using a United flight, you need to search flights for O. R. Tambo International Airport and Cape Town International Airport. These two airports are used by United Airlines for their flights in South Africa. 

Can you fly direct from the USA to South Africa?

If you have booked your travel with United Airlines, you will have to take connecting flights, as the airline does not fly directly to South Africa.

What is the cheapest time of the year to fly from the US to South Africa?

South Africa is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and wildlife, attracting many nature lovers from the USA. Thus, flight ticket prices can be high. To get the best deals, it is advised to make your booking in February. Try to avoid January, November, and December, as you may end up paying more for the tickets during these months.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to South Africa?

February is considered the best month due to less crowd. Most tourists leave in January, making February an ideal month as you can get flights and hotels at a reasonable rate. Additionally, the weather is pleasant, and the tourist places are not crowded due to which it is the cheapest month to fly to South Africa, making it an ideal choice for vacations.

How far in advance should I book a flight to South Africa?

Tourists might want to fly to South Africa, where they get to visit the most popular destinations and participate in local festivals to get familiar with their culture and customs. But, during this period, flight tickets are expensive, and thus, you are advised to make your booking in advance at least three months before the date of the journey to get cheap flight deals.  

How many days does it take to fly from America to South Africa?

The average duration of flights between South Africa and the USA is 18 hours and 34 minutes, which includes an extra 30 minutes of take-off and landing time also. The time has been determined, assuming the average speed of flight to be 434 knots/hour. However, if you are taking a connecting flight the time may rise. 

Final Words

Are you planning a vacation to South Africa from the United States of America with United Airlines and now want to know the price, departure, and arrival destinations or many more? You can go through this article as it contains many information that will help you in booking with best deals. If you are still unsure, call United Airlines from South Africa for more details.