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How can I get a refund on Air France?

Refunds and cancellations are not satisfactory to one’s liking. The process is ever troublesome and hectic. But for the passengers of Air France, the refund policies and the process is designed in such a way that it has become customer-friendly. To understand the refund policy of Air France airlines, you can go through the below-mentioned policies:  

What is the Air France refund policy?

  1. If you have canceled your ticket within 24 hours of making the purchase and made the booking before seven or more days, you are entitled to a full refund. 

  2. The basic economy tickets are not entitled to refunds except for the 24-hour risk-free cancellation. 

  3. If the airline cancels your trip due to any adverse condition, such as bad weather conditions, technical glitches, etc., the airline gives a full refund to the passenger. To compensate, it also provides travel vouchers, offers, and discounts to its passengers for the next booking. 

  4. The airlines also refund your amount if there is any death or health emergency with the passenger or any close relative. 

How can I get a refund on Air France?

To get a refund from Air France, you can reach the official website and get the process done through the online process. To do it online, go through the following : 

  • Jump into the official website of Air France and reach the manage booking option.

  • Enter the booking itinerary and retrieve your booking. 

  • You will now see all the reservations, choose the reservation you want to cancel and click on the refund option and fill out the refund form.

  • Provide the required information and submit the same. 

  • You will receive a refund number in the mail to your registered email address. 

How long does it take to get a refund from Air France?

If you have made the bookings online or with debit cards, you can get a refund within 7 to 10 business days. But if you have made the payment for the booking through cash, cheque, or credit card, it may take around 15 business days for the refund to reflect in your account.  

How do I contact Air France for a refund?

To get through with the customer service team of Air France, you can follow the different methods available: 

1. Through Phone Call 

  1. Get into the official website of Air France 
  2. Scroll down to the Help & Contacts option.
  3. This would take you to a new page. On this page, select a product type. 
  4. Now, this shall take you to another page with different contact options. 
  5. Then, go to the call option and give a call at air france refund department phone number 800-873-2247. 

Follow the IVR steps as mentioned below: 

  • Press 1 to continue in English. 
  • Press 2 to change the language. 
  • Press 3 to manage your booking. 
  • Press 0 to talk to a air france representative. 
  • Press # to disconnect the call. 

2. Through Online Chat 

There is also another way available for passengers to get in touch with customer service: an online chat service. To get on to chat with the team, you can follow the steps below: 

  • After getting on the official webpage, go to the Contact Us page. 
  • Then select your product type and choose the chat option. 
  • An automated dialogue box to chat will appear. 
  • Wait for a few minutes; an agent will connect with you soon with an effective solution. 

Are Air France tickets refundable within 24 hours?

Yes, Air France tickets are refundable if you have canceled your ticket within 24 hours of making the purchase to avail of the 24-hour risk-free cancellation. 

Does Air France offer a full refund?

Those passengers who have booked their tickets directly from the websites can avail of a full refund if they cancel in accordance with the policies of Air France. 

Are Air France tickets refundable?

Yes, Air France tickets are refundable. You must have a refundable ticket to avail of the airline refund. 

Does Air France give cash refunds?

Yes, Air France gives cash refunds for the tickets booked at the airport with the cash. But your ticket must be refundable to avail of the reimbursement. Or you must cancel the ticket within 24 hours of making the purchase. 


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