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Choose a Seat on American Airlines, Seat Map, and Seat Selection policy

What does seat selection mean on American Airlines?

Seat selection on American Airlines is a procedure in which the passenger will have the option of selecting a seat when booking a flight or after completing the reservation. In addition, they can also choose seats for unaccompanied minors. If you are looking to choose a seat in advance, then for that, here are the following details.

What are the different levels of seating on American Airlines?

There are three types of different levels of seating:-

First-class- In this, the highest level of services on the flight across the US first. 
Business class- The highest level of services on shortest-distance international flights. 
Premium economy class- There are more space and amenities on sleet long-distance international.

American Airlines seat selection policy:-

  1. For seat selection, you are allowed to make the seat selection both times, like at the same time of booking and after the booking. 
  2. Seat selection is the subject of availability when there is any seat available on the flight, and then you are able to get the seat according to your preferences. 
  3. The charges for the seat that you need to pay is around $100 to $700, and it depends on the seat type that you have selected. 
  4. If you don’t select the seat, then you will get all leftover seats from the passengers. 
  5. You can select a basic economy, premium seat, premium economy seat, or first class seat. For premium seats, pay extra charges.

How do I reserve seats on my American Airlines flight?

If you are searching to select a seat on American Airlines, then, here is the following all the process that you need to follow, and below are the steps that are mentioned:-

  • Initially, you have to search for the official website of American Airlines.
  • Now, you need to enter all the required details for the flight booking, like date, number of passengers, and departure date. 
  • Then, select a flight that you want to choose and then start searching for the seat that you need from all the seats that are available and according to the seat map on that flight. 
  • After that, make the seat selection and then confirm that. 
  • Now, there are some instructions that appear when you select the seat. 
  • You need to continue and move to the make payment options, select credit or debit card. Also, you need to pay the extra charges for your seat selections. 
  • Lastly, when your payment is completed then, you will get the confirmation of your booking. 

How much does it cost to choose seats on American Airlines?

In American Airlines, the basic economy fare charges will be up to $160, along with an extra-legroom seat for the international long-haul. Now, other seat charges are starting from $9 each way and make the reservations. Like:-

  1. For the main cabin extra seat selection cost is $20. 
  2. Economy middle seat, the starting price is $9 - $10 per leg of the journey. 
  3. The starting price for economy window/ aisle seats is $11- $12 per seat. 

When can you pick your seats on American Airlines? 

You may select a seat on American Airlines initially at the time of flight reservation or during check-in.

How can I select my seat without paying an extra fee?

If you want to make the selection of seat without paying an extra fee then for that you need to arrive at the airport early. And you can easily make the selection of unassigned seats. Also, within 24 hours, you can select the flight seat, or you can book a ticket while purchasing the ticket then, there are no extra charges that you are required to pay.