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Change Alaska Airlines Ticket Date | Flight Change Policy, Fee

How can I change my Alaska Airlines ticket date?

After booking with Alaska Airlines, if you have any problems, such as the purpose of booking being rescheduled, medical problems, the weather is not convenient for travel, etc., you can change the flight at your convenience. To reschedule Alaska flights, you can use the website or mobile app; To know the process, you can check below.

Use the official website: You can use the official website of Alaska Airlines to change the flight date, and this option is available for 24 hours so that you can make the changes anytime from anywhere. To change the ticket date online, follow the points below.

  • Search for the official website of Alaska Airlines 
  • After that, choose the manage booking tap and mention your last name with the booking reference number 
  • Select the change flight tap and mention the new travel dates 
  • Choose the flight as per your schedule and save the changes 
  • If charges are available, then pay them.

Go with the Alaska Airlines app: Alaska Airlines also has a mobile application. To make changes on flights via the app, you have to go through the below points.

  1. Open the Alaska Airlines mobile application and tap on Menu 
  2. Now select my trips and provide the surname and PNR number
  3. Click to change the flight and choose the new flight as per the plan
  4. Next, save the modification and pay the amount. 

Alaska Airlines rescheduled policy

Having the information about the rescheduled policies is essential as it will help you to know whether you will need to pay any charges or not, and if you do not have information about those policies, then you must go through the points below. 

  1. If you make the flight change request within 24 hours of the booking, you will not need to pay any charges, but after closing that free window, you will have to pay the charges.
  2. You can only change the flight if there is any vacant seat on the selected flight; if there is no seat, you will not be able to change the flight. 
  3. According to the Alaska Airlines rescheduling policy, if any passenger changes the flight due to any medical issues, they must show genuine documents related to that health, and they will not have to pay any charges for the flight change. 
  4. On the flight's departure date, if airlines delay the take-off due to technical glitches, less staff, etc., you can change the flight without paying any charges. 

How much does it cost to change a flight to Alaska?

The Alaska flight change fee will depend upon the flight's route, destination, etc. However, you must still pay charges between 180 USD to 300 USD for domestic flights and 300 USD to 450 USD for international bookings. 

Can you change flight times after booking on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, travelers can change Alaska flight time after making the reservation, but for that, they have to follow the airline's policies and make the flight change using any official mode. If any traveler is looking to make the changes in the departure time, they must request before 24 hours of the departure.