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How can I make changes to an American Airlines flight?

A Complete Guide to Change American Airlines Ticket Reservation and Flight Change Policy 

If ever you decide on a trip, you are advised to travel with American Airlines as it provides multiple services, for example, extra-baggage policy, pet policy, lounge facilities, food and drinks, senior citizen policy, offers and discounts to frequent fliers, and whatnot. If you are wondering to know about the different services and facilities of American Airlines, for example, American change flight policy, etc., and many other questions, then you are recommended to go through the following details :

The online process to change American Airlines flight date

If any emergency has arisen that has led you to change your flight tickets and to wonder whether you are allowed to change American Airlines flight, if yes, then what would be the process to follow so you end up changing your American Airlines flight completely without any issue, so to begin and end the process, please have a look at the mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines. (
  • Secondly, you have to tap on the "Manage trips" section.
  • Then, mention the passenger's last name and confirmation number and press "Find your Trip."
  • Once you click on it, you are required to go to the option of "Change flight." ( you can easily change American Airlines flight online by following these steps.)

Contact American Airlines customer service for the flight change

Suppose you are planning to change your flights with American Airlines and searching for the best way to adopt, then it is American Airlines change flight phone number 800-433-7300, and once you dial a number, you will listen to certain IVR options that are below:

Press 1 and choose your language.
Press 2 to book your ticket.
Press 3 to cancel your ticket.
Press 5 for other options.

Learn about the American Airline flight change policy

There are different policies offered by the different airlines, but if you look for the most flexible policy, which is passenger-oriented, that is the American Airlines flight change policy. As it has very easy methods mentioned that one can easily understand and can keep in mind always. Please have a glance:

  1. You can change your flight with American Airlines within 24 hours of your booking without any additional fare.
  2. You can change your flight after 2 hours, but for this, you may have to incur an additional cost in order to change a flight with American Airlines.
  3. And you will be allowed to change a flight only when there is an availability of the flight and timings on your desired timings and dates.
  4. You can make changes to your flight via the website of American Airlines, Via Kiosk, and Via the ticket counter. (this was the American Airlines change flight policy that will assist you in changing flights without any additional cost).

What is the fee to change a flight on American Airlines?

Every airline charges a high fee if you go to change your flight, but unlike other airlines, American airlines change flight fee is comparatively lower than all the other airlines. So, if you want to know about the fee structure of changing a flight with American Airlines, have a glance:

  • If your ticket is refundable, then you are permitted to change your flight with no fee or penalty.
  • If you have bought a non-refundable ticket with American Airlines, then you may have to incur over 70$ as a penalty. (this fare may vary from time to time.)
  • If your flight is International, then the price range may go above 350$.

Can I change my AA flight for free?

You can change American airlines flights for free, but it has certain terms and conditions that one should always keep in mind so they can save money and utilize the service at its best:

  1. Change the flight within 24 hours of your booking, and this will cost you no additional fare.
  2. If your ticket is Refundable, then also you are not supposed to pay any fare in order to change your flight with American Airlines. 

Can I change my American Airlines flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you are allowed to change American Airlines flight same day as it requires no additional fare and cost, but the booking is totally dependent upon the availability of your next desired flight and seat on that flight, and if not available, you cannot change your flight.

How much does it cost to change the American Airlines flight date?

There are different costs that American Airlines charges to change flight dates; please consider the following points:

  • To make changes to your domestic flight tickets, you may have to incur 200$ fee.
  • If any changes are to be made to the International flight, then the fee will be around 300$.

Can I change the American Airlines flight date without paying a fee?

You are allowed to make changes to American Airlines flight date without a fee, but the following are the conditions that need to be fulfilled:

  1. You are not required to pay any fee if changes are made within 24 hours of your booking.
  2. On Domestic Flights, changes can be made for free.
  3. If you have refundable tickets, you will be charged no cost.

Can you reschedule a AA flight after checking in?

No, you can not reschedule a AA flight after checking in.

Can you change to a Basic Economy flight to American Airlines?

If you are flying with American Airlines and if you have made your reservation in Basic Economy and thinking of changing American Airlines change flight basic economy to any other class, then consider the following points:

  • If you have purchased Basic Economy Flight, then you are not allowed to change (as far as American airlines' policy is concerned).


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