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How do I change my name on my Southwest boarding pass?

How do I correct the name on the Southwest boarding pass?

After making the flight reservation with Southwest Airlines, if you check that you mistakenly filled in the incorrect name, the airline will allow you to change the misspelled name with the correct name. In case you make the check-in and receive your travel boarding pass, you need to cancel the previous check-in and correct the name. If you are looking for details about the correct name on the Southwest boarding pass, then you can read the information below. 

The process to change the name on the Southwest boarding pass

Different options are used to change the name, but the easiest mode is connecting with the customer service team; if you want to change your name on Southwest boarding pass through this mode and then follow the points below. 

  • Give the call to this number 1 (800) 435-9792
  • Now, make the selection of the comfortable language. 
  • Form the options of the IVR and choose which is relevant.
  • Once the call is connected to the agent, you can request about change of name on the Southwest boarding pass.

Name change policies on Southwest Airlines                                                                                                                    

  1. You can only change three or four letters of your name, and if you want to make the complete name change, you can contact customer service.
  2. After making the bookings, if any traveler gets married or divorced, they must show the genuine documents with the correct name, and they can change the name without paying. 
  3. If any traveler has two different names and a different passport with those names, they will need to make the booking for two tickets for each name. 
  4. After completing the check-in process, if any traveler is looking to change the name, they will need to cancel the check-in.