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Change a Ryanair flight online | Ticket Rescheduling Policy & Fees

How do I change my Ryanair flight?

After you have made your reservations with Ryanair, the second concern which is left is the preparations that you need to make for the flight. But if, because of some emergency, you need to change your Ryanair flight ticket, and for that, you must have all the information about the flight change procedures and the policy you must follow. All these details which will help you in flight change will be discussed in detail further so that you will be able to make things easier for yourself and can enlighten yourself about the same.

Ryanair flight change terms and conditions: 

  • You need to change your flight within 24 hours of ticket purchase if you want to ignore the flight change charges at Ryanair.
  • The flight ticket can be changed as many times as you want, but you have to pay the flight change charges every time and the fare difference if applicable.
  • You can change your flight 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight or last to last before the check-in. After this, there will be no flight change possible at Ryanair.
  • All the passengers of business and first class do not have to pay the flight change charges, but if there is any fare difference, they are entitled to pay that.
  • If you have checked in for the flight, you cannot change it, as you will only be left with the cancellation option.
  • Any modifications to the ticket, such as the name, surname, and date of birth change, are not applicable during the flight change process.
  • You can change the change Ryanair flight date of your ticket anytime if you are doing it because of some medical issues.
  • The flight change charges at Ryanair depend on the class, route, and time of flight change.
  • The members of the Frequent Flyer Programme of the Airline will be given some benefits such as being free from the flight change charges.
  • For any health-related problems, you need to submit the required document while changing the date of your flight.
  • If your ticket was booked by a third party, then you have to contact them for the same.

Change flight date with Ryanair online

  • You just have to follow this simple procedure to reschedule a Ryanair flight online via the Manage Booking option:
  • Visit the official website of Ryanair.
  • Click on My Booking at the top right corner.
  • Add your reservation number and last name, and search for the reservation.
  • Now you can select a booking you wish to change and click on flight change.
  • Follow the instructions and change the flight date and get the new ticket at your registered email address.

How much is the Ryanair change fee?

If you are changing your flight ticket with Ryanair and the situation does not fall into the flight change policy, then you have to pay the flight change charges. However, the Ryanair flight change fee depends on many things, such as the class, route, and time of flight change. But mostly it ranges from €/£115 to €/£160. Ensure you change your flight within 24 hours of purchase to avoid the charges.

How can contact Ryanair flight change?

If you want to contact the customer service of Ryanair so that they can change your flight date, then you just have to dial +44 1279358395 and provide all the required details which are necessary for the flight change, such as the passport, government-issued identity card, ticket, etc. After the flight change, the executive will email you the new ticket.

Can I change a Ryanair flight to a different destination?

Yes, you can change the Ryanair flight destination to a different location, but with the flight change charges, you also have to pay the fare difference according to the new destination.

Can I change my Ryanair flight for free?

If you are a member of a loyalty program and have changed your Ryanair flight within 24 hours window, or have booked your flight tickets with business or first class, then you will be able to change your flight ticket for free but have to pay the fare difference.

How long before a flight can I change Ryanair?

The flight at Ryanair can be changed at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight and even just before the check-in but in such situations, you have to pay the flight change charges. After the check-in, the flight change cannot occur, and you are left with only the cancellation option.