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Choose a seat on Avianca, Seat Selection Policy

What are the Avianca preferred seats?

Preferred seats offer additional benefits, such as more legroom, extra space for your carry-on luggage or an amenity kit. You can choose your preferred seats on Avianca during booking a flight or later by managing your reservation or at the airport. There is a fee for seat selection. Here are some of the Avianca preferred seats:

Avianca Plus Seats: Located in the first rows of the aircraft, these seats offer more room, an exclusive luggage rack, and an amenity kit.

Seats in special locations include emergency exit seats and duo seats between a window and an aisle. They offer more legroom and are often located in quieter aircraft areas.

Can you choose seats on Avianca?

You can select a seat on Avianca when you book your ticket during check-in time or at the airport.

Choose a seat after booking on Avianca

If you seek to choose the seats after booking on Avianca, you can do it through check-in; therefore, to do this, you have to track down the below steps.

  1. Go to the Avianca Airlines web portal.
  2. Find the check-in column, and add your confirmation number and last name.
  3. Continue to pursue the check-in process, 
  4. Tap on the seat selection option; the Avianca seat map opens. Choose the seats as per your choice from the available seats, 
  5. Proceed to confirm it by paying the charges to the airlines. 

Avianca seat selection policy

Seat selection policy varies on the fare type and the time of booking, so if you want to know more about Avianca's seat selection policy, there are a few points you must read.

  1. Passengers can select their seats when they book their tickets or later by accessing "Manage your reservation" on the Avianca website.
  2. Passengers can select their seats at the check-in counter or the gate. However, seat selection fees may be higher at the airport.
  3. If travelers skip choosing seats while booking, at the airport, or during check-in, don't worry; when flying, the airline will assign you the seats, preferably. 
  4. Travelers can change their seat selection at any time up until the scheduled departure time of their flight. However, there may be a fee for changing seat selection, especially if the new seat is in a more desirable location.
  5. Seats in emergency exit rows offer more legroom and recline, but passengers must be willing to assist the crew in an emergency.
  6. Passengers can request an empty seat next to them for a fee. It is a good option for travelers needing more space or avoiding sitting next to a stranger.

Free seat selection:

  1. All passengers in Business class receive free seat selection.
  2. Passengers in Economy Plus on flights to or from Europe or wide-body aircraft in the Americas receive free seat selection.
  3. Certain discounted fares may include free seat selection. Passengers should check the fare details before booking to confirm.

Paid seat selection:

  • Passengers in the Economy who do not have accessible seats can purchase a seat selection at a fee. Seat selection fees vary depending on the fare type and the time of booking.
  • Seats in special locations, such as emergency exit rows and duo seats, are subject to additional fees.

How much is the Avianca seat selection fee?

The Avianca seat selection fee varies depending on the fare type, route, and travel date. However, Avianca seat selection cost typically ranges from USD 5 to USD 15. There is a more detailed breakdown of the seat selection fees for different fare types:

Economy: USD 5 to USD 15
Emergency exit: USD 12
Plus: USD 15
Premium: USD 15

How do I avoid Avianca seat selection fees?

  1. Booking your tickets early is the best way to avoid paying for seat selection. Avianca typically charges higher seat selection fees for passengers who make reservations closer to the departure date.
  2. Traveling with a group is another way to avoid paying for seat selection. Avianca will typically seat you together if you and your travel companions book your tickets together, even if you do not purchase seat selection.
  3. You can select a standard seat at no charge during online check-in, which opens 24 hours before your flight.
  4. The airline may have some standard seats available for free at the check-in counter.
  5. If the flight is complete, the airline won't be able to charge a seat selection fee.