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Is early bird check-in worth it on Southwest?

What is EarlyBird check-in on Southwest?

EarlyBird Check-In is a service Southwest Airlines offers that allows passengers to secure a better boarding position. Southwest will automatically check you in for a fee and assign you a boarding position before general check-in begins, typically 36 hours before the flight. This can give you a better chance of selecting a preferred seat and ensures that you'll be among the first to board the plane after Business Select and A-List passengers. For the other details about the early bird check-in, you can check the details on the official website.

How does EarlyBird check-in work?

It's important to note that while EarlyBird Check-In can improve your boarding position, it doesn't guarantee you a specific seat, and the exact benefits may vary depending on various factors. EarlyBird Check-In with Southwest Airlines works as follows:

Purchase EarlyBird Check-In: You can add EarlyBird Check-In when booking your flight on the Southwest website, mobile app, or at the airport. The cost of EarlyBird Check-In is in addition to your airfare.

Automatic Check-In: Southwest Airlines will automatically check you in for your flight 36 hours before departure. This means you don't have to worry about logging in and checking in at the exact time the check-in window opens.

Boarding Position: EarlyBird Check-In provides a better boarding position. It increases your chances of getting a good seat by assigning you a boarding position after Business Select and A-List passengers.

Enjoy Priority Boarding: On the day of your flight, you'll board the plane according to your assigned position, typically after Business Select and A-List passengers. This gives you a better choice of available seats.

How much does it cost to upgrade to early bird on Southwest?

If you want to upgrade, you must pay $15. To acquire other details about the early bird check-in cost, you must check out the details on the Southwest official website

Is early bird check-in worth it on Southwest?

Whether EarlyBird Check-In is worth it depends on your travel needs and budget. It can be convenient if getting a good seat is your top priority. However, if you're comfortable with the standard boarding process and don't mind the uncertainty of seat selection, you can save money. Whether early bird check-in on Southwest is worth it depends on your preferences and priorities. Here are some factors;

Seating Preferences: If having a specific seat or sitting with your travel companions is important to you, EarlyBird Check-In can be beneficial. It gives you a better boarding position, increasing your chances of securing your desired seat.

Convenience: EarlyBird Check-In eliminates the need to manually check-in exactly 24 hours before your flight, which can be convenient, especially if you're busy or concerned about missing the check-in window.

Loyalty Status: If you have Southwest Airlines A-List status, you receive priority boarding for free. In this case, EarlyBird Check-In may be less valuable.

How to get free EarlyBird check-in on Southwest?

There was no standard way to get a free EarlyBird Check-In on Southwest Airlines. It is typically a paid service. To get the free early bird check-in on Southwest, you can use the given options-

Rapid Rewards Credit Card: Some Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards credit cards offer benefits that can include an annual statement credit for EarlyBird Check-In. Check the terms and benefits of your specific credit card.

Loyalty Status: A-List and A-List Preferred members in the Southwest Rapid Rewards program receive priority boarding, which can give you a boarding position similar to EarlyBird Check-In.

Promotions and Offers: Keep an eye on Southwest's promotions and special offers, as they may occasionally include EarlyBird Check-In as part of package deals.

What is the difference between upgraded boarding and early bird check-in on Southwest?

Upgraded Boarding and EarlyBird Check-In are two different services offered by the Airlines that both provide benefits for passengers, but they have distinct differences:

EarlyBird Check-In: 

EarlyBird Check-In is available for purchase at an additional fee when booking your flight. It automatically checks you in for your flight 36 hours before departure, typically resulting in a better boarding position. With EarlyBird Check-In, you'll be assigned a boarding position after Business Select and A-List passengers but before general passengers who check in at the standard 24-hour mark. 

Upgraded Boarding:

Upgraded boarding is available at the gate on the day of your flight and can be purchased for a fee. It allows you to board with the A-Group, even if you originally had a lower boarding position. Upgraded boarding can be beneficial if you want to ensure an early boarding position but didn't purchase EarlyBird Check-In or don't have A-List status.

Who should consider paying for EarlyBird Check-In?

Remember that deciding to purchase EarlyBird Check-In depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. Paying for EarlyBird Check-In on Southwest Airlines can be beneficial for the following types of passengers:

Seat Preferences: If you prefer a particular seat or want to sit with your travel companions, EarlyBird Check-In can improve your chances of securing those seats since it provides a better boarding position.

Limited Availability Flights: The competition for desirable seats can be intense on popular or crowded flights. EarlyBird Check-In can give you an advantage in such situations.

Lack of Flexibility: If you cannot check in exactly 24 hours before your flight due to your schedule, EarlyBird Check-In can be convenient because it automates the process and eliminates the need to be online at a specific time.

Business Travelers: Business travelers who need to ensure they can get work done on the flight may value the convenience and priority that EarlyBird Check-In offers.

Do I need to buy an early bird for my companion on Southwest?

EarlyBird Check-In on Southwest Airlines is generally sold on a per-passenger basis. Each traveler, including your companion, would need to purchase EarlyBird Check-In separately if you both want to enjoy the benefits of improved boarding positions.