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JetBlue: Infant Policy, Flying with babies | Infant Baggage Allowance

JetBlue allows travelers to carry their babies (ages 3 days to 2 years) on their laps. However, if you are traveling with your child under the age of two years, you are expected to obey the Jetblue child policy. Some important rules are described below:

What is the infant policy of Jetblue?

  1. A child can travel with a lap baby from 3 days of age until the day they turn 2 years old.
  2. It must be noted that during the journey, especially during JetBlue flight takeoff and landing, the child is well seated on the passenger's lap.
  3. Travelers are only permitted to carry one infant per lap.
  4. JetBlue does not allow lap infants to be seated near emergency exit seats.
  5. Travelers carrying two-lap infants can only be seated in the same row if they have made reservations on the opposite side of the aisle. 
  6. You can request an extended harness or seat belt if you are carrying a child on your lap. 
  7. If any kid is traveling with another person instead of their parents or legal guardian, then a notarized authorization letter must be submitted to JetBlue Airlines before boarding the flight. 
  8. Travelers can carry infant bags and other essentials that are permitted by the airline. 
  9. There are many cases in which JetBlue flights are extended over water, in that case, due reason of emergencies JetBlue reduces the number of lap infants. 

How can I book a seat for my infant Jetblue?

Though travelers who are planning to board JetBlue flights are not required to reserve separate seats for their infants, they can carry them on their laps. However, customers can follow the online steps given below to add this additional service and confirm their reservations on preferred seats along with their kid:

  • Visit the website of JetBlue Airlines.
  • Make bookings, entering essential details of the passenger.
  • As your bookings are confirmed, turn to the “Manage trips” option.
  • Insert ticket confirmation code and traveler's last name.
  • Click on the option additional services.
  • Select “add an infant”.
  • Provide supporting documents.
  • Make payment and click on the save button.
  • Soon your bookings will be confirmed along with your infant and you will receive an email regarding the same. 

Those travelers who have already booked tickets on JetBlue Airlines and then wish to add an infant later can communicate with customer care services. Dial the official JetBlue customer service contact number: 1 (800) 538-2583 now they are required to go through the instructions given by an automated voice and can proceed in their preferred language. 

As the call is answered by a live JetBlue representative callers can mention their infant details and ask them to make the required arrangements. The airline representative will validate the information provided and add infants to your existing booking. 

How much baggage is allowed for infants in Jetblue?

If you have made a reservation via JetBlue with your infant, then you are permitted to carry the following:

A diaper bag
One stroller
One car seat
If you are planning to take kid playpens or other infant beds then it will be considered as check-in luggage and is expected to be under the limit set by the airlines. 

Does JetBlue require birth certificates for infants?

Yes, birth certificates are required to be submitted to JetBlue Airlines to validate the age of your kid. Along with the certificate, the following documents are also required to process jetblue infant identification and travel hassle-free:

Passport of your kid.
Immunization proof or record.
If your kid is from three days to 14 days, then you are supposed to enclose the doctor’s approval in the form of a letter. 

What is the infant fare for Jetblue?

There are no fees for infants traveling on a lap on JetBlue Airlines. However, if the reservation is made from an international destination, then there might be taxes or some Jetblue infant fee. The exact fare is estimated based on the point of foreign flight origin and travel class. 

If you are making a round trip reservation, then you are only expected to pay charges for part of the trip you are traveling from any international destination to the United States. Approximate infant fees are $12-$50, which is subject to change. 

Does a diaper bag count as a carry-on JetBlue?

No, one diaper bag will not be considered as carry-on luggage. If you have made a reservation with a lap infant on JetBlue Airlines to any domestic or international destination, then you are liable to carry a diaper bag along with other carry-on luggage and one personal item. JetBlue does not qualify lap infants for any checked-in luggage. 

Do babies need ID for jetBlue?

Yes, valid identification proofs must be provided to JetBlue Airlines to carry your infant. If you have made bookings for an international destination then you must handle the passport of an infant to the crewmember of JetBlue Airlines before boarding the scheduled flight. Also along with the passport of the kid, you are required to present a birth certificate and immunization proof. 

For international travelers, certain special documents need to be provided that differ according to different regions. If you wish to know the exact details you can communicate with the nearest embassy to gather essential information. 

Is a stroller considered a carry-on JetBlue?

No, strollers are not considered as a carry on JetBlue Airlines. Neither are they considered as checked-in luggage. If you are carrying an infant, then you are permitted to carry strollers for your kid whose dimensions are under the limit set by the airline. 

You can check them as soon as you reach the airport or at the check-in counters. If you are planning to carry a car seat, then you must note that JetBlue does not permit you to carry a car seat if your infant can be seated upright without any assistance.

Does JetBlue charge for infants on lap?

No, JetBlue does not charge any fee for infants on the lap. Travelers are required to provide an age certificate of an infant to verify identification. If any customer is expected to board a flight from any international destination apart from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, then he is expected to pay Jetblue infant ticket fare along with taxes for carrying an infant. The exact fees depend upon the international boarding station you have made reservations from. 

What baby items can you check for free JetBlue?

Travelers traveling with JetBlue Airlines can carry strollers, car seats, or diaper bags for an infant for free. However, if they are planning to take along wagons or infant beds then you are supposed to pay additional charges for the same. Also, customers must restrict weight and dimensions as per the airline’s allowance. 

Do babies get carry-on luggage JetBlue?

No, JetBlue does not allow kids to get carry-on luggage apart from diaper bags, strollers, or chair cars. Travelers are permitted to carry their carry-on luggage along with personal items and their kid's belongings. Jetblue baby carry-on is considered to be a ticket holder's carry-on luggage. To avoid any last-minute trouble or confusion it is suggested to always inform the airline about carrying an infant in advance and make bookings accordingly.