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How long is hold time for JetBlue?

How long is JetBlue hold time for passengers?

Before the pandemic, customers trying to reach them via phone used to get 10 to 20 minutes to hold times. After the pandemic, the hold time for JetBlue phones holds times has increased. Customers face 2-3 hours to talk to the customer agent, which increases the problems for both the customer and the agent.

If you need to get a hold of someone on JetBlue, please call customer service at  800-538-2583 and get help 24/7.

What is the best time of day to call JetBlue Airlines?

JetBlue tries to answer every query in time. But it is better to take essential measures to ensure you reach them on time. If you are trying to get them, you should call early in the morning, as the best time to call JetBlue customer service is between 5 am to 7 am. Fewer customers try to approach them in the early hours of the day, increasing your chances of speaking with them.

Why are JetBlue customer service wait times so long?

As many customers have experienced, the waiting times of JetBlue are long. It is tiring for the customers to wait for the agent to come on the call. Many reasons are responsible for such long hours. Some of them are as follows:

Large call volumes: The agents may be dealing with many calls simultaneously. That is why JetBlue call center wait time as the customer wants to know about their canceled reservations due to the pandemic.

Holiday season: You might be trying to reach them during the holiday season. Airlines are usually busy during this time of the year. That might be the reason for the increase in JetBlue current hold time while trying to reach them.

Need more staff: They might need more customer agents. So they need to get all the calls of the passengers.

Long calls: Customers calling them may take too long to resolve their queries. That is coming your way when you are trying to reach them.

How to reduce waiting time in JetBlue?

One of the things that might be bothering you is how to deal with this wait time. You can be more cautious and take some steps that will help you to reduce JetBlue's customer service wait time to tell them your query.

  • Tell them your query quickly, so they take less time to resolve it.
  • You can contact them via chat and social media to get quick replies.
  • You can call them in the morning hours to get them quickly. Customers can skip JetBlue call wait times if they try to avoid contacting them in the noon or evening.