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How do I select a seat on JetBlue Airlines?

How do I choose a seat on Jetblue?

Selecting a seat on JetBlue is simple, and you have many channels to carry out this process. Read the following lines to know about your options and to discover which method will suit your condition best.

Via official website

The online process to pick your seat on Jetblue

Every passenger can book their seat through the web check-in portal that opens 24 hours before departure.

  • Visit the JetBlue web check-in service through the official website, log in and complete the online check-in.
  • At the end of this process, select the seat selection/upgrading option.
  • Select the seat as per your choice.
  • At the check-out page, make the necessary payments to confirm the seat.

Through Mobile App

The official app allows you to reserve a seat, much as you do on the check-in portal. Simply open your check-in service on the mobile and repeat the steps mentioned above. In the end, make the payment and complete the seat selection process.

Through Jetblue Customer Care

Passengers can connect with the Jetblue support executive by dialing toll-free 1 (800) 538-2583. and provide your booking information and your registered name. The support agent can select your seat for you.

Important JetBlue Seat Selection Policies

The airline makes sure that the policies laid out for seat selection are properly followed, and no exception is allowed unless the airline finds a valid reason to do so.

  1. The JetBlue seat selection becomes available 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  2. The set selection closes 2-3 hours before the scheduled take-off. Post this period, you are not allowed to make changes.
  3. Passengers no longer require EDMs for seat selection confirmation.
  4. As per the JetBlue Seat Selection Policy, passengers are under no obligation to reserve seats. However, they must acknowledge that the boarding team will sign them a seat at random based on the available seat after other passengers have confirmed their seat selection.
  5. Your seat reservation cost will depend upon the ticket you booked.

How much does it cost to choose seats on JetBlue?

The seat selection cost of Jetblue starts from $5 to $25 each way if you have a Blue Basic ticket and you have to select your seats 24 hours before the scheduled departure of flight. 

Is JetBlue keeping middle seats empty?

Are you concerned about the JetBlue seat assignment? Now, people are able to go ahead with middle seat selection for their flight reservations. JetBlue is no longer keeping middle seats empty. The airline plans on going to full capacity on the flights.

How do you get assigned seats on JetBlue?

JetBlue offers assigned seats on flights and passengers do have a chance of selecting the seats for their JetBlue reservations. One can contact the support team at the airline in order to understand the seat assignment offered at JetBlue.

On the other hand, people are able to select seats for their JetBlue reservations at the time of flight booking or later until check-in using the manage booking option for their JetBlue reservations.

Passengers can select the seat selection option online while on the bookings tab. People can select seats using the seat assignment window on the page. Also, passengers can make seat selection after they have completed their reservations online.

One can access the reservations page via the ‘Manage booking’ tab online. You can select the seats and then pay for seat selection. People can also communicate with the reservations department at JetBlue using the customer support helpline number. One can also drop an email to the customer service email address released by the airline to get support with JetBlue seat selection.

Can you pick your seat on JetBlue for free?

People are unable to select seats for free on JetBlue planes. One needs to pay for seat selection and is able to select seats up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. The seat selection fee is between USD 5 to 25 per person per ticket at JetBlue.

How do I get a better seat on JetBlue?

People can get a better JetBlue seat for their reservations by following any of the below-mentioned steps that are as follows:

Decide early

People can already decide on the seats they wish to take before selecting the right seat for themselves. Take everything into account such as your aircraft type, route, class of travel, the time and length of flight, etc before going for the seat selection for your JetBlue reservations.

Examine the seat assignment

People are able to look for seat assignments for a particular flight online. See the seat mapping and this will allow you a scope to select better seats for yourself.

Pay for your seat

People can get better seats on the plane if they are able to pay for the seat selection. You can select any seat from the available options as far as the airlines’ seat assignment is concerned.

Be friendly at check-in

People just need to make the request to the check-in agent for a preferred seat on the plane. This way passengers will be able to make seat selections without having to pay for one.