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KLM Airlines Baggage Policy

What is the baggage allowance for KLM? 

Whenever travelers travel with KLM, they have doubts about the KLM baggage policy. Suppose they have booked their flight tickets on KLM, and now they have lots of luggage that they have to carry with them, but due to the lack of knowledge about the baggage policies. Being a leading flag carrier of the Netherlands, they have all the facilities that they can provide to their customers. It is imperative to go through the policies of the airline, especially Baggage policies.

KLM Baggage Policy

For those passengers who are generally unfamiliar with the baggage policies of KLM airlines, then travelers can follow the points mentioned below:

  1. There is a fixed height, width, and length of the baggage passengers can carry with them that should not exceed 62 inches or 152 centimeters. 
  2. The total amount of the weight of bags is mentioned below: 
  3. For economy class, the bag size should be 50lbs or 23 kgs. 
  4. For business class, the luggage weight should not be more than 70lbs or 32 kgs. 
  5. If the luggage size or weight gets exceeded, you will have to ship the luggage on cargo for these circumstances:If carrying more than 10 bags, the luggage size increases from 70 lbs or 32 kgs. 
  6. If there is a case of any special luggage, the length+width+height of the luggage should not be more than 300cm or 118 inches. 
  7. If passengers are carrying unusual, fragile items with them. 
  8. If the purchase is made 24 hours in advance, then the passengers might get an extra discount for the baggage. 
  9. There are some items that travelers can carry other from their free baggage according to the KLM baggage policies: 
  10. Walking stick, umbrella, mobility, assistive devices, or items like a wheelchair for the disabled. 
  11. Food for the trip should be kept in disposable packets. 
  12. Jackets, overcoats, or other wearable items.

KLM baggage allowance for infants:

If there are infants or children included as passengers on the flight, then there are certain policies. The guardians have to make sure that the terms and conditions are followed regarding their infants or children. The policies are as follows:

Children baggage allowance policies:

  • The baggage allowance for the children is the same as for the adult as per the tickets or class they have reserved.
  • A collapsible buggy or child car seats.

Baggage allowance for the lap infants:

If any infants are too small, then the baggage policies are as follows:

  1. One handbag that should not exceed a maximum weight of 26lb or 12 kgs.
  2. One child cart seats
  3. One collapsible buggy

How many bags does KLM allow on international flights?

Those travelers who have tickets for international flights have different policies according to the class of tickets they have reserved for themselves. For the baggage allowance for the international flight tickets on KLM Airlines, passengers can follow the steps those are mentioned below:

Carry-on baggage policies:

  • If passengers are looking for the baggage allowance of carrying on baggage, only one bag is allowed, and that should not exceed the size of 55x35x25cm, and the weight should not be more than 26lb or 12 kgs. 
  • If passengers have business class flight tickets, they should have carry-on baggage of 55x35x25cm, and the weight o the bags should not be more than 40lb or 18kgs.

Checked-in baggage policy:

  1. For those passengers traveling in business class who want to know the carry-on baggage allowance, it is two bags and one additional bag for the platinum members of the airline. The size of the bag should not exceed 62 inches or 158 cm for each bag. The weight of the bags should not exceed 70lb or 32 kgs per bag. 
  2. Those passengers who have bought economic flight tickets on KLM might search for the airline's baggage allowance. For economic class members, they can only take one bag with them, which should be 62inches or 158 cm, and the weight of the bags should be 50lbs or 23 kgs per bag.

Does KLM charge for baggage?

To know the KLM baggage fees, passengers have to be clear about how many bags they have exceeded by length or weight.

  1. If there is a second bag, then the fees start from $30 to $80 per bag. 
  2. The bags that are three to ten in number will cost a maximum of $90 to $200. 
  3. For the weight exceeding, the airline will charge around $50 to $350.

What is the KLM baggage allowance?

Several passengers are not aware of what exactly KLM baggage allowance means. The baggage allowance is what travelers can carry with them, the number of luggage, and according to the given weight of the luggage provided by KLM Airlines. The sizes of the bags are decided by the airline beforehand, and the passengers are not allowed to take more than that.

How much luggage can I take on KLM?

There is a fixed amount of luggage that passengers can take with them. The allowance depends upon the class of flight tickets reserved by the travelers for their journey. As for the economy class member, only one bag is allowed for carry-on and one bag for the checked-in bags. For the business class, passengers can only take one carry-on of a certain weight and two bags for the checking-in baggage.

What is included in the KLM economy?

The passengers who have gone through the KLM baggage policy economy, they will get to know about how much baggage they are allowed to take. In the same way, includes means how much baggage can be included for the economy class member of KLM Airlines.