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How can I change my flight date with Philippine Airlines?

How can I reschedule a Philippine Airlines flight?

Are you willing to change the date of a flight with Philippine Airlines? Then, for that, you need to follow the proper steps and follow them to make the changes that you need to make to your flight ticket. 

Change flight date with PAL online via the website

  • Initially, you have to access the official website of Philippine Airlines
  • Move to the My Booking option.    
  • Now, you have to open that and access the account by documenting the proper credentials, and then you will get some options. 
  • Click on the flight date change option and make the changes according to your preferences and comfortable schedule. 
  • After that, when you make all the changes, it is required to confirm that by clicking on the confirm button and saving. 
  • Then, go to the Make the Payment tab and pay all the charges that are applied for all the changes. 
  • Finally, when your payment is completed, you will get the confirmation of the change Philippine Airlines flight.

How much does it cost to reschedule a flight on Philippines Airlines?

If you make any changes or reschedule your flight with the Philippines airline, then there are the Philippine Airlines change fees that you need to pay to the airline. To know about the cost that is required to pay for the services, then for that here are the following all the details that are mentioned:-

  • The charges of cost to pay depends on the destinations, date and time, and all the other information. 
  • As per the policy, if you make any changes to your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking, then for that there are no charges that you need to pay. 
  • If you failed, then for that, here are the charges that you must pay: the charges are between $35 to $60 and for the changes on the same day, the charges are $75. 

Philippines Airlines flight change policy

When you make any changes to your flight ticket then here are Philippine Airlines flight change policy that you must know before booking a ticket or making changes. Below are the following all the change policies that are mentioned:-

  1. According to the 24-hour change in Philippines airline, if you make a change within the time, then you are not able to pay any charges to the airline, and if you make a change after that, then there are some charges that you are required to pay to airline according to the changes that you make. 
  2. If you are making Philippine Airlines flight changes from the unofficial website, then you are not able to make changes to your dates. 
  3. When the flight date changes due to natural calamity, bad weather conditions, death of a relative, or many more reasons, then there are no extra charges that the airline will charge. 
  4. For any changes in your ticket, there are limited times that are provided with no charges. 
  5. If any passenger cancels their flight ticket due to COVID-19, then they will make changes in the flight schedule, or they get some limited time to rebook the flight with no extra charges. 

How do you contact Philippine Airlines to reschedule a flight?

Initially, you have to go to the Philippine Airline and then navigate to the Contact Us tab, where you need to start searching for the official contact number, and when you get that then, dial the number 1-800-435-9725. After that, you will get connected with a customer representative, and then you need to send them all the queries related to rescheduling; then, they will provide all the resolutions that you have to follow all the instructions accurately. 

How much is PAL compensation for flight delay?

  • When the flight is delayed by 3 to 6 hours, then the compensation that the customer will get is a $125 or $250 PAL travel voucher. 
  • If the flight is delayed more than 6 to 9 hours, then the compensation charge is $250 or $500 PAL travel vouchers. 
  • If the flight is delayed more than 9 hours, then the compensation passengers will get $500 or $1000 PAL travel vouchers.