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How do I select a seat on EGYPTAIR?

EGYPTAIR Seat Selection, Seat Map, Seat Selection Policy

Egyptair allows passengers to select their seats when making a reservation. However, the airline permits you to choose your preferred seat at the time of check-in because of the passenger's friendly terms and conditions. You can select a seat on EGYPTAIR online or through customer support. Follow the online steps at the time of making a reservation: 

Pick a seat on EGYPTAIR online

  • Visit the website or open the app. 
  • Select the Book a Flight option under the Book section. 
  • Enter the destination, date, and ticket type. 
  • Tap on the booking button and search for a flight. 

Once you find a flight, you can choose the itinerary based on your requirements. Passengers are allowed to select the fare, seat, in-flight services, and entertainment. 

Choose a seat after making the reservation

You decided to pick a seat after buying the tickets. Passengers can easily add their preferred seat, a window seat, an aisle, or extra legroom by following the steps shared below: 

  1. Go to the official website. 
  2. Select the My Booking option. 
  3. Enter the booking reference and last name. 
  4. Click on the submit button. 
  5. Choose the flight and click seat selection. 
  6. Now, pick a seat from the available seats on the map. 
  7. Make the payment if required. 
  8. Click on the submit button. 

You have to dial the Egyptair contact number 1 (212) 581-5600 for 24-hour help. A live customer agent will assist you in selecting your preferred seat. 

How much does it cost to select a seat on EGYPTAIR?

EGYPTAIR seat selection costs between $10 and $80, depending on seat type and destination. Check the cost of your preferred shared seat below:

Exit seat: between $ 25 and $ 80
Aisle seat: from $ 20 up to $ 31
Window seat: $ 15
Other seats: $ 10

EGYPTAIR seat selection policy

Before reserving a seat, flyers need to know the instructions related to the Egyptair seat selection policy shared below: 

  • Seat selection service is available on International flights but not for domestic flights. You are allotted seats at the time of check-in by the airline for domestic flights or when you don’t pick the seat for international flights. 
  • Let's say you missed your flight. The airline will not refund the full value used to purchase the service. The seat selection fee is non-refundable.
  • If the passengers upgrade the flight to a higher cabin, the cost for seat selection will not be refunded by the airline. 
  • Passengers are allowed to book the seat 48 hours before the departure schedule. 
  • The airline can change the pre-paid seat of the passengers due to security reasons. 
  • Exit rows can be permitted by flyers who are able-bodied and 15 years old or above. Passengers with reduced mobility, pregnant, and unable to understand the instructions in English are prohibited from choosing the exit row. 
  • Seat selection is non-transferable to another flyer. 

Do you have to pay for seats on EGYPTAIR?

Egyptair seat selection cost is free for economy passengers on a fully flex fare, business class, check-in, and Platinum frequent flyer members on international flights. Moreover, seat selection is available for a fee of up to $ 80 in international economy class. You can check the fare conditions. 

How many seats are in Egyptair?

Generally, the airline has 346 seats in an aircraft. It includes 49 business class and 297 economy class seats. Passengers can choose the aisle, window seat, and extra legroom. 

Are Egyptair seats comfortable?

The airline designed the seats in such a way that offers a comfortable flight experience. In the Economy seat cabin, the seat width is around 18 inches, with a headrest that can moved in 4 directions. Passengers are offered the footrest. 

For business flyers, the seat is wider than economy class with a headrest that can be moved in 6 directions for greater comfort. A folding table is provided nearly 20 inches by 11 inches in size. 

In case you have any issues related to the Egyptair seat map, flyers can contact the airline customer service number. Visit the website for more details.