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Select a seat on Iberia, Seat Selection Policy & Fee

How do I select a seat on Iberia?

While making a reservation with Iberia Airlines, if you have skipped the seat selection process, then will also get the option to choose a seat of your choice at the time of check-in. You can read the Iberia seat selection policy to get a better knowledge of the terms and conditions of the airline. You can use multiple modes to choose your preferred seat. If you still have any questions or need to get further information, then communicate with customer service, and they will assist you.

Different ways to select a seat on Iberia

There are two different ways through which you can select a seat on Iberia Airlines after booking your flight ticket. You can use the online check-in option at the official website or get to the airport. For more details regarding the methods, read the given information:

Via Official website - You can easily choose your preferred seat with Iberia Airlines through online check-in, which is available at the official website 24 hours before the scheduled flight. Provide the booking details with your name and follow through with the process. Below are mentioned the instructions through which you can select a seat:

  • Navigate to the Iberia Airlines official web page.
  • Go to the "Check-in Online" tab.
  • Write the "Passenger's Surname" and "Reservation number."
  • Choose the preferred seat as per the availability and add on any services.
  • Then, you will be provided with a boarding pass.

Via check-in counter - If you are unable to choose a preferred seat through the other modes, then get to the check-in counter at the airport, and a live representative will assist you. Share the booking information, and from the Iberia seats map, choose any available seat. Afterward, the representative will assist you with the process and get you a boarding pass.

Iberia seat selection policy

  1. The passenger has to pay some additional fee for Window/Aisle and some preferred seats.
  2. Iberia Plus members get priority over seat selection.
  3. After completing the check-in process, if the passenger is unsatisfied with their seat, then they can upgrade it.
  4. Some conditions have to be met to book emergency exit row seats.
  5. There are special seats reserved for children who are between 5 to 11 years old and persons with disabilities.
  6. The passenger can change or upgrade their seat anytime through the "Manage Booking" option.

How much is the Iberia seat selection fee?

If you want to sit next to your companion or choose a window seat, then you have to pay some fees. The Iberia seat selection fee depends upon the destination you are flying to and the duration of your flight. The average fee to book a seat is around $12 to $25.

When can you select your seat with Iberia?

Iberia Airlines allows its passengers to select their preferred seat at the time of booking the flight, anytime before the flight through "Manage Booking" and 24 hours before the departure through online check-in. The method is available on both the official website and mobile application.

What is a premium seat in Iberia?

A Premium seat of the airline is an upgraded version of Economy seats, where you will get a few extra benefits with a more comfortable seat by paying a little extra. When you get the option to choose a seat on Iberia, you can select the Premium seat and pay the relevant amount. Afterwards, enjoy the flight with all the benefits.

What is the difference between the Economy and Premium Economy in Iberia?

With Premium Economy seats, you get an extra comfortable seat with more legroom and a few additional advantages in comparison to Economy class. However, the economy-class ticket prices are very low.

How big are the seats on Iberia?

The seat size on Iberia differs from the class you have booked. There are three types of seats offered by the airline, and if you want to know about the seat size, go through the given details:

Economy Class - These seats are 44 - 47.5 cm in width with a 14 cm backrest recline and adjustable headrest.

Premium Economy Class - With more space and comfort, Premium Economy Class offers 44 - 47 cm wide seats, a backrest recline to 18 cm with a movable head and footrest.

Business Class - A 2-meter fully flat bed, adjustable headrest, and massage pillow.

Do you have to pay for seat selection in Iberia?

It is not necessary that you must pay to select a seat. However, if you want to get a window seat or sit with your partner, then it will be better that you select it. Business class passengers get the advantage of choosing their preferred seat. Another method for Iberia seat selection free is that you can skip the process, and the airline will get you a random seat. 

What are the best seats on Iberia Premium Economy?

If you have booked a premium economy ticket on Iberia Airlines, then the best seats on the aircraft are considered to be on the 11 row, which is also known as the bulkhead row, and you will get some extra legroom space. You can book these seats in advance quickly through the official website.

Why can't I choose my seat in Iberia?

The airline allows free seat selection only to Business Class passengers. However, you can select it in advance by paying the relevant amount. If you can't choose your preferred seat during the Iberia seat selection process, then it must be because it has already been booked. You have to select from the available seats.

Does Iberia allow free seat selection?

Yes, Iberia Airlines does allow free seat selection for business class passengers. If you have booked an Economy class ticket and do not want to pay any charges for a seat, then you can skip the selection, and the airline will provide you with a random seat. The chances are higher that it will be a middle or far away seat from your family or friends.

Does Iberia have Business class seats?

The airline offers Business class seats with premium services and additional benefits. If the economy class passengers are not satisfied with the provided services, then they can upgrade their seat anytime by paying the amount difference and selecting the preferred seat. The process for Iberia seat selection Business class can be done quickly through the official website. Following is our list of the benefits that you will get with business class:

  1. Extra legroom and comfortable seat.
  2. Access to the VIP lounge.
  3. Free seat selection.
  4. Complementary foods and beverages.
  5. Separate check-in counters.