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Turkish Airlines Check-in, Boarding Pass | Check-in Baggage & Policy

Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Turkey that operates scheduled services to more than 340 destinations on four continents. It provides a smooth facility to check-in your flight before your flight schedule departure and make your trip comfortable. You can proceed with the service of Turkish Airlines check-in online, choose your preferred seat, and add & remove your baggage, which generally happens simultaneously. If you need some guidance to make your check-in process smooth, go through the queries the passenger asks for the check-in service perfectly.

How can I online check-in with Turkish Airlines?

When you complete your booking with Turkish Airlines and get the confirmation message on our registered email or phone, you can confidently plan to travel on a particular date and time. To make your flight journey convenient, you must go through the Turkish Airlines web check-in process within 24 hours before your flight departure. It is mandatory for everyone and if you need to proceed with the online check-in, follow the steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of Turkish Airlines and select the check-in and manage booking section showing on the same page.
  • Enter the ticket or reservation number and last name of the passenger and go to the booking details.
  • You can select your preferred seat, check the baggage size, weight, and pieces, and complete the check-in task.
  • Get the boarding pass that you can save on your device, or mail it or get the print of the boarding pass to make your boarding suitable.   

Write all types of check-in with Turkish Airlines:

When you wish to go through the check-in process with Turkish Airlines, you must be aware of the variety of check-in methods. If you are aware of the different kinds of check-in processes, you will avoid unnecessary trouble and make your boarding convenient. Even before that, you must be aware of the Turkish Airlines check-in policy that is required to read and complete the check-in task before obtaining the boarding pass easily. 

You will go through all types of check-in processes with Turkish Airiness and get the boarding pass to make your travel convenient and secure.  

Check-in online/mobile Application:

The online check-in process starts from the website or uses a mobile that begins from the application on your device and conveniently completes the check-in task. You may go through the check-in using the mobile application.

  1. First, turn on your Turkish Airlines mobile check-in application and select the check-in tab.
  2. Enter the passenger's reservation code and last name and access to the booking.
  3. You will get the complete booking details, allowing you to choose your seat.
  4. Get the baggage service to remove and add your baggage and get your boarding pass that you can send to your phone or print easily. 
  5. You can complete the task of baggage during check-in and directly go to the baggage drop counter with a boarding pass and board the flight quickly.  

Kiosk check-in:

It is the self-service check-in that you can complete at the airport within 45 minutes for domestic and 60 minutes for international before departure without waiting in a line at the counter. You can simply print your boarding pass after entering the details of booking at the Kiosk and go to the baggage counter to check and proceed to the boarding gate.  

Counter check-in:

When you go for the counter check-in, you must be at the airport within 2 to 45 minutes for domestic and 3 to 60 minutes for international before flight departure time. You need to submit your documents for the check-in and obtain a boarding pass. If you have baggage, you can check in at the same counter and go for the boarding securely.   

Check-in policy of Turkish Airlines:

  • You can check in your flight online and mobile check-in with Turkish Airlines within 24 hours to 90 minutes before scheduled flight departure.
  • It is mandatory to reach the airport for check-in within 2 hours for domestic flights and 3 hours for international before the scheduled departure time.
  • When you go to the Airport Check-in counter, it is available 60 mins before domestic flight departure and 75 mins before international flight departure.
  • Kiosk check-in generally starts 12 hours before departure and ends 45 minutes before a domestic flight and 60 minutes before an international flight.
  • You must ensure that you have enough time for the baggage security processes for domestic and international flights and secure your boarding.

When can I online check-in Turkish Airlines?

If you have the complete travel details and are ready to fly to your destination, you need to go for the check-in online, which opens 24 hours to 90 minutes before the flight's scheduled departure. You need to know the Turkish Airlines online check-in time online, which saves ample time at the airport for other services. It will also help you avoid a long queue and get the boarding pass to go to the baggage counter conveniently.

What time does Turkish Airlines check-in open?

When you go for the check-in service online, you must know the Turkish Airlines check-in open time starts 24 hours before flight departure. When you avail of the online check-in facility, you must easily reach the airport at least 1 hour before departure for a domestic flight and 2 hours before an international flight.

What time does Turkish Airlines check-in close?

You need to make haste for the check-in before the check-in is closed. The Turkish Airlines check-in close time is 90 minutes for international and 60 for domestic flight departures. You can expect to get the brilliant facilities at the airport when you complete the online check-in and go to the baggage at the baggage drop counter efficiently.

How long before a flight can I check in on Turkish Airlines?

You need to go for the flight check-in with Turkish Airlines within 24 hours before flight departure and complete the check-in task easily. You may select your seat and check your baggage online and get the boarding pass to plan your trip conveniently.

How early does boarding start on Turkish Airlines?

Traveling to the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, and Canada required brilliant security control. Hence, the boarding of Turkish Airlines check-in time starts from 25 minutes for domestic and 30 minutes before your flight departure time. You must be at the gate at least 20 minutes before departure for all flights from other destinations. 

Do I need to print out my boarding pass for Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you need to print out your boarding pass for Turkish Airlines for convenient boarding at the airport. You can also use the mobile application to show the boarding pass at the airport that you have saved on your device.

How much baggage is allowed on Turkish Airlines?

When you travel with Turkish Airlines International flight, it allows your baggage on the piece and weight concept and gets the free allowance securely. Likewise, If you are on an international flight, you will get the 2 checked baggage allowance of 32 kg in the Business class and 2 checked baggage allowance of 23 kg in the Economy Class. If you add any extra baggage in pieces and weight, and sizes, you have to pay the additional charges and get the allowance for the boarding to make your flight journey secure accordingly.  

How many free bags can I check in on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines permits only two checked baggage of 8 kg free in business class and one piece of luggage of 8kg free in Economy class. Its maximum linear should be 62 inches in both the types of classes you choose to travel.  

What is the check-in baggage allowance for Turkish Airlines international flights?

When you fly to your destination and want to get details for the baggage allowance to check with Turkish Airlines, it depends on the fares you select. Turkish Airlines check-in baggage allows you to travel with at least two bags as free checked luggage of 20 kg in economy and two bags of 30 kg in business class. Its dimensions should be in Length, height, and width only 62 inches. You can also travel with at least a two-year-old baby who should weigh 10 kg to sit on the seat properly.

How long before you can check in baggage with Turkish Airlines?

When you need to check your baggage after the check-in online or at the airport, you must be at the airport within 45 minutes for domestic and 60 minutes for international flights. You can directly access baggage drop when you complete the online check-in and make your trip comfortable and suitable.