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How do I upgrade my United seat to first class?

Quick process to upgrade United seat to first class

If you have booked your flight tickets with United Airlines and now want to upgrade your seat to first class, then you must know how to upgrade a seat after purchase, follow these steps to upgrade fare class online:

  • Open the United Airlines official website.
  • Click on Manage your reservation.
  • Search your booking using the booking reference and passenger’s last name.
  • Choose the flight on which you want to upgrade, and click on Upgrade Cabin.
  • Select a seat according to your preference and click on confirm.
  • Pay the fee for the seat upgrade.
  • You will receive a confirmation before your flight departure whether your seat has been upgraded to first-class or not.

How much does it cost to upgrade a United flight to first class?

Upgrading a flight can be expensive, especially when you do it at the last minute. The cost of a United Airlines first-class upgrade starts at $100 and the price can go up to $9,999 if you upgrade at the last minute. It is recommended to upgrade your seat at least 2-3 days before your flight departure to avoid paying a considerable sum of money for a flight upgrade. The upgrade award co-pay can be up to $600 per flight per person.

Can you upgrade to first class on United after booking?

Yes, travelers who have already booked the tickets can upgrade to first class on United after booking via the website or via phone call to customer service. Dial 1(800) 864-8331 and speak to an agent regarding upgrading your seat to first class. 

Provide them with all the required information, such as the booking reference number, ticket number, personal details, and other information. Or, if you want to access self-help services, upgrade to first class online at the United Airlines website, go to Manage my Bookings and click on Upgrade cabin, pay the fee, and the airline will give confirmation as soon as your upgrade gets approved.

Will United upgrade to first class for free?

No, United Airlines does not upgrade to first class for free; Only MileagePlus Premier members can get a free first-class upgrade. However, this also happens once in a blue moon. If you want to upgrade to United Airlines first class and take advantage of the amazing inflight amenities, you should know that it comes at a high cost and the airline doesn't hand out free upgrades to first class that easily.