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A comprehensive guide to changing flight booking on British Airways

A comprehensive guide to changing flight booking on British Airways

British Airways is a prominent airline providing flexible and feasible flight change policies. In case you want to change your flight booking, there are many options available to you. You can change British Airways flight online and by talking to their representative. In the blog, we will discuss the procedure and some questionnaires related to the topic and go through them to better understand.

The online process to reschedule a flight on British Airways

Follow the steps below to change your flight online:

  • Launch the official website of British Airways and locate the ‘Manage’ section.  
  • Under ‘manage my booking,’ enter the confirmation number and surname. 
  • Click on ‘Find my booking’ to access your booking details. 
  • Select the ticket you want to change, and click on the ‘change flight’ button. 
  • Now make the required modification, and once done, save it. 
  • You might need to pay the change fee and fare difference also, if applicable. 
  • Now follow the prompt to complete the change procedure, and you will receive a confirmation email soon. 

How many times can you change your flight on British Airways?

As per the rules, you can make changes at least an hour before the departure of flights. You can change your travel date only once for free on the same date. Besides, it also depends on factors like the ticket type you hold and the fare conditions applied to your booking.

What number do I call to change flights on British Airways? 

If you are willing to change your flight over the phone, call British Airways at 1-800-247-9297. The British Airways change flight phone number is available from 7 am - 1 am: Eastern Standard Time (EST) daily, so call accordingly. Besides, remember that you might need to pay additional service charges when changing the flight ticket via phone.

How Can I call British Airways for a flight change? 

If you want to call British Airways customer service change a flight, here are the quick steps you can follow: 

  1. Dial the British Airways flight change number 1-800-247-9297.
  2. You need to choose a desired language when a call is connected. 
  3. Then follow the IVR and select the option ‘change flight’. 
  4. The automated voice will connect you to the reservation department. 
  5. You can stay on the call for a while by the time a British Airways agent joins you. 
  6. Once available, request the agent to make changes on your behalf and follow their instructions. 

What is the British Airways flight rescheduling policy?

  • As per the policy, unless you book a ticket directly from British Airways, the call center, or at the airport, you can change the booking online and offline.
  • You get 24 hours to change your flight for free without paying any fee (Fare difference applies ); however, the change fee applies later if you miss the risk-free period.
  • The change fee depends on several factors, including ticket type and the fare condition that applies to your ticket, route, destination, etc. 
  • If your new ticket is more costly than the original one, you must pay the fare difference. If the new tickets are cheaper, the airline will provide you with a voucher for the remaining balance. 
  • The British Airways change flight policy applies only to the bookings you made via the website or the British Airways authorized sources.

How much is the British Airways flight change cost?

The change in flight cost varies based on factors like fare type, fare conditions, route, etc. Generally, it starts from $25 and reaches around $125. Besides, you can use the British Airways global fee calculator to get estimated change flight costs in your case. 

Can I change my flight destination to British Airways?

Yes, it is generally possible for British Airways to change flight destination, depending on the fare conditions. However, you cannot do it online; instead, contact a British Airways agent directly to get help. 

How long before a flight can I change British Airways?

As long as you book the ticket directly from British Airways, you can change the flight immediately after booking up to 1 hour before the departure. Visit the Manage booking section on the British Airways website and make the necessary changes. 

How do I change my flight on the British Airways app?

If you are using the British Airways mobile app and want to change the flight, here are simple steps you can follow: 

  1. To start with, locate the British Airways app and open it 
  2. You need to login to your account using the credentials 
  3. Then click on change flight and provide your booking details
  4. Make the required changes you want and confirm all the changes 
  5. Now pay for the changes fee and fare difference in case it applies and continue 
  6. You can follow the prompt instructions on the app screen and complete the changes 

Does British Airways let you change your flight?

Yes! British Airways lets you change the flight without any hassle unless the ticket is booked directly from the website, call center, or airport. The airline gives you 24 hours to make the changes for free however change fee applies later. You can change the flight through the British Airways website and by talking to customer service at 1-800-247-9297. In the case of third-party booking, only the travel agent can help you to make any changes. 

Conclusion: By reading the information above, you can change flight booking on British Airways anytime. Moreover, if you need additional details or have any confusion, visit the website online or speak to the British Airways agent directly. You can contact the British Airways agent directly by calling their phone number. Else you can also use other contact options available on the website.