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What number should I call to cancel a United flight?

What number do I call to cancel a flight with United Airlines?

There are numerous cases in which customers, after purchasing a United flight ticket, cannot travel to their booked destinations, and they search for the phone number to cancel their tickets. Those customers can call United Airlines to cancel a flight by dialing the number: 1-800-864-8331; also after a call is attended by a live United representative, they must provide ticket details to discover their bookings and request them to cancel their bookings. Customers can also claim a refund from United Airlines if they are eligible post-cancellation. 

How can I call United Airlines to cancel a flight?

To call United Airlines for flight cancellation, customers must initialize the process by dialing the official united flight cancellation phone number: 1 (800) 864-8331; once the call is attended by an automated voice, callers are expected to obey provided instructions and also press 1 number from the following IVR menu:

Press 1: To make United ticket bookings
Press 3: For cancellations or refunds
Press 5: To make flight changes
Press 7: For miles-related concerns 
Press *: For other flight information or assistance

Soon the call will be forwarded to United Airlines customer care representative, who will help callers to cancel their bookings and provide any other further information or assistance. 

What other 2 ways to contact United Airlines for flight cancellation?

Apart from the phone call approach, customers can also use other mediums of communication to cancel their already reserved tickets. In order to cancel United Airlines reservation, ticket holders can also use the option of live chat and sending an email. A description of both alternatives is provided in the forthcoming section. You can select any alternative according to your preference. 

Utilize the live chat facility to cancel tickets: 

The other quick medium that can be used by customers for flight cancellation requests or to gain any information regarding the same is the live chat alternative. United Airlines live chat medium is a straightforward and simple method that can be used by following the subsequent steps given below:

  • Customers can open the United Airlines mobile application.
  • Next, they must enter their registered credentials and navigate to the “help center” section.
  • Soon you will come across many issues, you can either click on flight cancellation, or you can directly tap on the live chat link provided.
  • Soon when you come across the United chat window, you can enter your booking details and ask them to cancel your reservation. 
  • If your ticket is canceled by a United representative, you will be informed through an email. 

Send an email to United Airlines for flight cancellation:

Another medium that can be used by ticket buyers to contact United to cancel a flight is sending an email. For this, customers must mention cancellation reasons and provide booking receipts and drop an email at: Customers must also provide their contact information to receive a ticket cancellation message.