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American Airlines Priority Check-in, Boarding Pass & Privileges

What is the American Airlines priority check-in?

It is a privilege for passengers to access fast check-in for their flight. American Airlines' priority check-in allows the passenger to shorten the waiting time in airport security lanes and access boarding faster and without setbacks.

The priority check-in benefits:

  1. Speed check-in through the airport security points. 
  2. Quick access to board the AA flight.
  3. Priority at the baggage claim point on the arrival destination. 

How do I get priority check-in with American Airlines?

To receive the priority check-in with American Airlines, there are few ways that have been explained further:

Buy high-class fare tickets

Booking on higher-class American Airlines flights will always allow you to get additional benefits, from the comfiest in-flight services to priority check-in at the airport. To make your travel more comfortable, you can opt for buying high-class fare tickets and skip the waiting line to save time without paying any additional charges. 

Join Loyalty Programs

The passengers who are members of loyalty programs with American Airlines, like elite pass holders, OneWorld Airlines members, etc., have the benefit of accessing priority check-in at the airport. This not only allows you to get your seat in a priority manner but also gets you additional discounts and amenities for your travel. 

Add Priority Check-In to the reservation

If a flyer has completed the reservation in a basic fare class and does not hold any elite status or a member of the AAdvantage group can choose to separately pay for the additional charges to add the priority check-in to their reservation. The priority check-in can be added at the time of reservation as well as after that. 

Qualifying Business Trips

The passengers who are traveling on qualifying business trips with American Airlines also receive priority check-in at the airport. If you were traveling for a business trip and have reserved your ticket, you will be automatically eligible for priority access. 

What does the American Airlines priority boarding mean?

Priority boarding at American Airlines means the passenger can access boarding first, irrespective of the fare class at the airport. The priority boarding passengers can skip the waiting line to board the flight and get access to their seat first on the plane easily with their hand luggage. 

Who gets priority boarding on American?

The following passengers get American Airlines priority boarding at the airport: 

  1. AAdvantage members 
  2. American Airlines elite status holders 
  3. Present US Military personal
  4. High-class fare passengers like Business Class and Premium Economy
  5. The passengers added priority privilege to their reservation

How much is priority boarding on American Airlines?

The elite members, high-fare class passengers, and the AAdvantage members receive priority boarding without any additional cost. For the other passengers, the American Airlines priority boarding fee is $9 to $74. By requesting priority access and paying the fee beforehand, a passenger can take advantage of early access to their flight. 

Can I purchase priority boarding on American?

The passengers having a booking in the Economy class with American Airlines are eligible to purchase priority boarding. The passengers must add the same to their reservation up to 2 and a half hours before the flight’s departure time. 

What is the phone number for American Airlines Priority customer service?

The passengers want the details for the priority check-in or boarding details from an official and looking for a way to approach American Airlines priority customer service can buzz call on the phone number 800-433-7300. The average time of attending the call officials is a minimum of 3 minutes and can extend depending on the call volumes. You can call priority customer service whenever required. 

How to get priority customer assistance on American Airlines?

To receive assistance from the priority customer service on American Airlines, you will need to pursue the following procedure:

  • Call on their assigned number for AAdvantage members 800-433-7300,
  • Next, you will be asked to dial your AAdvantage number on the automated instruction,
  • Then the call will be forwarded to an available person,
  • As a person avails in the call, you can ask queries and make requests from the priority customer service. 

How do I upgrade to priority on American?

The passengers who want to get the benefits of priority boarding and check-in at the airport and are thinking of upgrading to priority on American Airlines, there are a couple of ways available, such as:

Upgrade the Fare Class

You can choose to upgrade your seat to business or premium class to get priority at American Airlines, and for the same, the process that is needed to be followed is

  • Go on the AA website in the browser,
  • Choose the “My Trips” window and put your reservation detail,
  • Next, you have to select the ticket and opt for the “Upgrade” option,
  • Pick your preferred class on the flight to upgrade your ticket,
  • Then make payment of the upgrade flight charges,
  • The upgrade on your AA flight will be completed.

Join AAdvantage Program

Before the travel, you must join the AAdvantage program for the priority upgrade, and for the same, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go on the homepage of American Airlines at first,
  2. Tap AAdvantage from the bar and then select the “Your Account” option,
  3. On the appeared page, click on the “Join for Free” option,
  4. You will have to fill out the AAdvantage program form,
  5. After adding all the info that is needed, you will be a member of the AAdvantage program and will enjoy the benefits of the same. 

Contact an AA representative at the airport

For the priority upgrade, you can also approach an American Airlines representative at the airport and make your request. By sharing the reservation info and paying the required charges, you will be upgraded to priority. 

Is American Airlines Priority worth it?

No one wants to waste their time in the long queues waiting to get access to their flight at the airport. So it is worth obtaining the privilege of being among the first passengers who board the flight. For this, you need to add the American Airlines priority check-in on the reservation. It is best for passengers who have mobility issues as, without any hassle, boarding can be done at the airport. 

What are priority privileges on American Airlines?

If you like to know what privileges a passenger receives at the airport with American Airlines priority pass, it is listed below:

Priority Check-In: The first thing that a passenger receives is the check-in on a priority basis by going through with the separate “Priority check-in” lane at the airport and dropping bags at the same point. 

Priority Security Screening: At the airport, get access to the priority security points and pass the screening with ease and quickly within a few minutes.

Priority Boarding: With the priority boarding pass, you can be one of the people who board the flight first and can easily fit the carry-on baggage into the overhead bins without any struggle.

Priority Baggage: The passenger also receives the privilege to check out early and get access to their baggage first at the arriving airport. With the priority tags, the baggage arrives at the airport first, so you do not have to wait for long at the baggage claim point. 


The priority check-in at American Airlines is beneficial for those passengers who want a lot more convenient and easier access to the reserved flight without wanting to wait in queues. It will allow you to pass the screening and security points quickly, as well as make it simple to drop off and pick up your baggage at the airport. You must be aware of how you can get priority check-in and boarding with American Airlines in the above-mentioned ways.