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JetBlue: Travel with Pets, Policy | Fly with your dog and cat

What is the pet policy on JetBlue Airways?

JetBlue is one of the major airlines that allows its travelers to fly with their pets on flights to domestic as well as international destinations. So, if a person is thinking of visiting a new place along with their pet, they must go through with the JetBlue pet policy once. Here, the important policies have been outlined, which you must consider to know the requirements. 

  • According to the pet policy, small dogs and cats are allowed to be carried on the JetBlue flight.
  • The traveler has to pay additional charges for making a reservation on the plane for their pet.
  • A pet can be added to the existing reservation at JetBlue Airlines.
  • All the travel requirements must be met to fly with a pet on a JetBlue flight. 
  • A person on JetBlue is allowed to carry two pets on the flight.
  • The airline only allows six pets on each plane, and after that, they close the window to add more pets to the flight. 
  • The dog or cat should be kept in the pet carrier throughout the air journey.
  • The pet carrier is considered a carry-on item on the plane, and the traveler would be allowed to carry one personal item in addition to their pet. 
  • The JetBlue pet weight limit is 20 pounds, along with the carrier. 
  • If the traveler has not met any condition, they would not be allowed to board the flight with their pet.

How do I add a pet to my JetBlue reservation? 

The person who would like to know the procedure for the JetBlue pet reservation so that they can travel with their loving pet to any destination can pursue the following process:

  1. Land on the JetBlue homepage to find the flight you wish to book,
  2. You have to put the flight requirements in the suitable column and make the search,
  3. As you choose the flight to book, you have to first add in your personal details,
  4. Next, on the additional assistance page, you can locate the “Add a Pet” option,
  5. Now, you will obtain the pet form on the site,
  6. You must put all the required details and attach the necessary pet travel documents,
  7. Later, pay the total fare for the ticket and pet fee,
  8. And with this the reservation of your pet and yours will be completed at JetBlue Airlines. 

How much is JetBlue pet fee?

In order to fly with your pet on the flight, you must know the JetBlue pet fee waiver. For adding a dog or cat, you have to pay $125 each way at the airline. For a round-trip flight, the pet fee is $200. 

Does JetBlue require a pet license? 

Yes, a pet license must be present at JetBlue Airlines during check-in for the flight at the airport. Travelers flying with a pet on the flight must submit the pet license at the counter along with the medical documents. 

Can dogs fly in cargo on JetBlue?

No, dogs cannot fly in cargo with JetBlue Airlines; the pets are only permitted to travel in the aircraft cabin with their owners. JetBlue pet cargo option has not been offered to travelers as they only allow small dogs and cats to be carried on the flight, which can easily be put in the pet carrier and kept underneath the seats on the flight. 

Is JetBlue pet fee refundable?

The JetBlue pet fee is not refundable on the same mode of payment. If you cancel your flight, the fee will be credited to your JetBlue account in the form of travel credit.

Is JetBlue strict on pet carrier size?

Yes, JetBlue Airlines is very strict with the pet carrier size and does not allow passengers to board if they exceed the limit. As the pet carriers should be placed under the front seats of the passengers, the size of the carrier must be up to the aircraft’s limit so everyone can fly smoothly with JetBlue. 

What does JetBlue require for pets to fly?

The requirements to fly with pets on the JetBlue Airlines flight are as follows:

  1. There should be certain documents to be shown at the time of check-in at the JetBlue Airlines flight, such as the pet vaccination, travel requirements, and approved air journey. 
  2. The pet must be carried in a carrier to be entered into a plane. The size of the carrier must not surpass the limited dimensions: 43.18*31.75 *21.59 cm.
  3. The approved reservation of your pet with your flight ticket.

How do I cancel my JetBlue pet fee?

In case your requirement has been changed and you do not have to travel with your pet on the JetBlue flight anymore, you must be thinking about canceling the JetBlue pet fee to get your paid amount back. In this condition, you can contact JetBlue directly with the phone number- 1-800- 538-2583. You will get through to airline personnel, who can cancel the pet reservation with your ticket, obtaining the required details.