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How can I change my seat on Volaris after booking?

How can I change my seat on Volaris?

Volaris Airlines offers the possibility for passengers to change a seat after booking. There are multiple ways to change seats, whether by phone, online or at the airport. If the customer wishes to continue with the Volaris seat upgrade, they must follow the mandatory steps described below.

  • For seat selection on Volaris, visit the official website.
  • Kindly tap on the My Trips, which is given on the menu bar.
  • Customers must enter the details like reservation code and last name of the passenger.
  • The complete itinerary will display on the screen; select the choose your seat option.
  • You should scroll the seat map to set the seat from the available ones.
  • Confirm the selection and pay for the difference amount if there is any.

How can I change the Volaris booked seat at the Airport?

If you want to proceed with a last-minute seat change, reaching the Airport help desk is recommended to complete the Volaris seat selection process. You must know the essential steps which are discussed here.

  1. You must arrive at the Airport early and visit the check-in counter.
  2. A person should request the agent about the seat change for the scheduled flight.
  3. Then, the agent will provide the available seat list and offer choices.
  4. Kindly select the preferred seat and pay the difference to confirm the selection.
  5. The customer support agent will assign the seat and provide the boarding pass.

Volaris seat selection policy:

The airline has issued a few rules and regulations under the seat selection policy, which every person should follow to avoid last-minute inconvenience during boarding. Some of the essential points of the Volaris seat selection policy are discussed below.

  • If the customer wants to book an emergency exit row seat, they must meet the eligibility criteria. The traveler must be 15 years old, not permitted to those who availed the Volaris minor services, and not permitted to pet travelers.
  • You can easily select the seats during the web check-in or through Manage Booking before 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure.
  • If the traveler has yet to select the seat before 3 hours of departure, then the Airline will automatically assign the seat based on the fare type and availability.
  • Business Class and First class travelers can select the seat for free.
  • Economy standard fare passengers must pay for the seat selection for windows, front row, and others.
  • A person with a Volaris membership can select the seats for the scheduled flight anytime for free.
  • You must pay the fee for selecting a seat on a Volaris flight, depending on the travel class and destination.
  • Passengers should pay nearly $30 at the Airport or $24 - $27 online for selecting First row seats.
  • To book Extra space seats, the Airline will impose a fee of USD 19 - 22.
  • The back seats are considered cheaper than other centers; the passenger needs to pay $9 - $12 for online seat selection.