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Change Etihad Airways flight, Ticket Reschedule Policy and Fee

How can I change my Etihad flight ticket?

Changing your flight ticket with Etihad Airways is possible, but it's essential to understand the airline rescheduling policy, associated charges, and the process for contacting Etihad to make these changes.

Changing your Etihad flight ticket can be done through the following steps:


  • Visit the Etihad Airways website.
  • Log in to your account or use your booking reference and last name to access your booking. 
  • Select the "Manage my booking" option.
  • Follow the prompts to change your flight, such as date, time, or destination.

How to contact Etihad to change flight?

Contact Etihad customer service at (877) 690-0767. Explain your situation and provide your booking details to the customer service agent. They will guide you through the flight change process and inform you of any applicable charges.

How much does Etihad charge for flight change?

The cost of changing your Etihad flight ticket can vary based on several factors:

Fare Type: The fare type you originally purchased can affect change fees. Some fare types may allow changes with minimal fees, while others may incur higher charges.

Timing: The timing of your flight change request matters. Changes made closer to the departure date are often more expensive.

Destination and Class: The destination and class of service can impact change fees. Upgrading to a higher class or changing your destination may incur additional costs.

Etihad Guest Tier: If you are an Etihad Guest member with elite status, you may be entitled to reduced or waived change fees.

Can you reschedule an Etihad flight for free?

Yes, the passengers can reschedule their flight for free with Etihad Airlines. Rescheduling an Etihad change flight for free is possible in some cases:

Flexible Fare: If you purchased a flexible fare or a business/first-class ticket, you may have more flexibility to change your flight without incurring fees.

Schedule Change: If Etihad Airlines initiates a significant schedule change that affects your flight, you may be eligible to change your flight without paying change fees.

Elite Status: Passengers with elite status in the Etihad Guest program may receive certain privileges, including reduced or waived change fees.

In conclusion, proceeding with the Etihad change flight date is possible through their online portal or by contacting their customer service. Be aware of the schedule change policy, potential charges, and any eligibility for free rescheduling based on your fare type or status. Always review your specific booking details and contact Etihad Airways for personalized assistance with your flight changes.