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How to change a flight date on Qatar Airways?

Change Qatar Airways flight online via the official website

Qatar Airways is selected by travelers to board flights to both domestic and international destinations. Sometimes after flight bookings, there are a number of passengers who want to change their travel dates on Qatar Airways due to a number of reasons. Since the situation is not very common, there are many ticket holders who are not aware of the flight change process. If you are also one of them, then you can read the online steps discussed below to make date changes.

The process to change the ticket date on Qatar Airways:

In order to change flights online, customers are required to follow the online process given below:

  • Visit the website of Qatar Airways.
  • You must now go to the “manage” option.
  • The booking reference number and traveler's name must be inserted to find a ticket.
  • After you find your ticket, you must click on the “reschedule” option.”
  • Now you must check for the available option to your destination.
  • If flights are available, you can select them.
  • If essential, then make the flight date change fee and press the submit button.
  • Soon you will get a flight date change message on your phone. 

How much does it cost to change dates on Qatar Airways?

If you also wish to change the date on Qatar Airways and you are puzzled about the flight change fee, then you must note that the flight reschedule fee depends upon the time you made changes on your flight. Some passengers made changes on the same date of ticket purchase; therefore, they are exempted from paying and date change fee. If any traveler makes changes to the reserved date, then he must pay an approximate fee of $50-$250 for domestic and international flights. 

Qatar Airways flight rescheduling policy

  1. If any traveler wishes to reschedule his ticket within the initial 24 hours of ticket booking, then he is not required to pay any date change fee.
  2. If any passenger makes flight date changes after the risk-free time of 24 hours, then he might be required to pay a date-change fee that depends upon traveling distance and fare type.
  3. If the reason for the flight rescheduling is the passenger’s ill health or the unavoidable medical condition of immediate family members, then they can inform the airlines about the same to the airlines and might not be required to pay an additional date change fee if providing supporting documents.
  4. Sometimes Qatar flights are delayed to board; in that case, passengers are eligible to reschedule their flights and board another option to their destinations. 

How do I contact Qatar Airways to change flights?

If you need to contact Qatar Airways to change flights, then you can dial the toll-free number: 1 (877) 777-2827 and obey the steps generated by an automated voice. Finally, you must mention your ticket number to the corresponding Qatar Airways representatives and ask them to reschedule your tickets. If required, you can pay change ticket date qatar airways fees online. 

How many times can I reschedule my Qatar Airways ticket?

If you have recently purchased tickets and now you wish to change your travel date to Qatar airways, but you are confused about the number of times you can make date changes, then you must note that customers can make changes any number of times up to 2 hours before departure. However, if you make amendments within the initial 24 hours of ticket purchase, then you can make the change for free, while after that, you must pay a date change fee.