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How can I change my flight date in Kuwait Airways?

The process to change Kuwait Airways flight ticket date

After making the reservation with Kuwait Airways, if you need to change the flight date due to some medical emergency or change in plan, then it is pretty straightforward. You must have complete knowledge of the process through which you can change the date of your flight ticket. But before that, you need to have information about the rules and regulations for the same so that you do not encounter any trouble. 

Kuwait Airways flight change policy

  • If the passenger changes the flight date with Kuwait Airways after one day of the booking, then they need to pay the fees as per the destination.
  • You can change the flight date for free if you have bought a premium membership of Kuwait Airways.
  • If you change the flight date on the same day of the departure, then you need to pay a penalty that will rely on your ticket type.
  • You can change the flight date at any time during the check-in, three hours before the departure. 

Kuwait Airways provides numerous mediums through which you can change your flight date, time, and destination. We will discuss the modes in detail in the below-mentioned read.

Change Kuwait Airways flight online

The online process for the flight date change is one of the most effective ways. You will instantly make the changes. You need to go through the steps as per described below:

  1. Access to the official web page of Kuwait Airlines.
  2. At the top of the homepage, you will get the Manage My Booking option. 
  3. Now, fill out the booking confirmation number and the last name of the passenger in the given sections.
  4. Tap on the search button.
  5. The details of all the flights will be fetched on your screen. You need to make the selection from the ticket.
  6. After you complete the process, you will receive the flight date change confirmation message in your email.

Contact customer service:

You can use the phone call process for the Kuwait Airways ticket date change. It is one of the productive ways. You need to dial the customer support number at 011 965 2434 5555. When you make the call, it will be forwarded to an automated voice on the computer. It will assist you with the steps, and you need to follow it. Once you obey all the directions you received over the phone, your call will be transferred to the representative, who will resolve all your queries.

Visit the Airport:

You can go to the Airport from where your Kuwait Airways flight will depart and submit the documents, such as a ticket, passport, and a copy of the visa. The representative at the help desk will help you in changing the date.

How much is the Kuwait Airways ticket date change fee? 

While changing the flight date, you must have the information for the charges that you need to pay. The Kuwait Airways date change fee depends on the destination, ticket class, and the time at which the changes have been made. If you make the flight date change after 24 hours of the reservation, then you need to pay at least 100 to 250 dollars.