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How can I change/correct the name on an Iberia ticket?

How can I change the passenger name on an Iberia flight?

Have you made a mistake in your name on an Iberia flight ticket? Do not worry; the airline allows passengers to make amends to their name in case they have made any mistakes. Apart from correcting names, you can also change your name on the Iberia flight if your name has officially changed due to marriage or divorce. You can change or correct names on the Iberia flight in two ways. Both methods are mentioned below, and you should read the full article carefully to know the name change process, policy, and fee.

Change or correct the name on the Iberia ticket online

Via Manage Booking

The first method of name change is using the manage booking option to do so. This is an easy way, as you can make the necessary changes directly on the website and avoid any hassle. To proceed with the Iberia change name on booking via the website, you must follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the official website of Iberia,
  • Hover your cursor over ‘Your Flights,’ and a drop-down list will open
  • From the list, click the manage booking button. 
  • Then enter your last name and booking code, then click ‘Manage your booking.’
  • When your flight reservation opens, check if you have opened the correct booking.
  • You have to select the name change button.
  • The name change form will open, where you should enter your correct name, which matches the name on the passport. 
  • You should also attach the required legal documents for the verification process. 
  • In the last step, you must pay the necessary name change fee using a debit, credit card, or any other option.

Change/Correct name by calling customer service

The other method to change your name is to call Iberia customer service directly. You should dial the airline phone number (+1) 800 772 4642, a customer service agent will shortly connect with you on call. You should ask the agent to correct your name and pay the fee to complete the name change procedure. 

Learn about the Iberia name correction policy

Every airline has specific policies for flight cancellations, check-in, refund, etc. Likewise, there is an Iberia name change policy that should be followed. The policy is mentioned below. You can go through the following listed points.

  1. You can change your name for free within 24 hours of making the reservation. 
  2. You can correct your name with only 3 characters each from the first, middle, and last name.
  3. You cannot change your name to another passenger as the airline restricts the change in ownership.
  4. You can change names through the website or by calling customer service.

How much does changing the name on an Iberia plane ticket cost?

The Iberia airline charges 125 USD as a name change fee. You can change your name for free if you make changes within 24 hours of making the reservation.