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How can I change the name on an Air Arabia ticket?

How can I change the passenger name on an Air Arabia ticket?

Air Arabia is one of the top airlines in the UAE. They are known for offering comfort and value-for-money flight services, which look very difficult to find somewhere else. The Airline allows a change of name on an Air Arabia ticket before 24 hours of flight departure. When passengers travel to different locations with the help of airlines, an incorrect name can cause several issues to them. So, to avoid such issues, travelers can do it in two ways, either online or offline.

The online method of name change:

Travelers can make specific changes in their names via an online process. They should have internet access and good knowledge of it. Stick with the following steps.

  • Travelers can visit the standard website and select management from the top bar.
  • Click on the modified flight and mention details like reservation code, departure date, and last name.
  • Click on Continue and select the name change option.
  • After changing the name, attach supportive legal documents like a marriage certificate, divorce decree, and court order.
  • Pay the name change fees which are applicable.
  • It will update the new name soon, and they will also receive confirmation by mail.

At Airport

Any travelers who want to correct their air ticket name can go to the Airport help desk personnel with legal documents and ask them to help regarding such problems. The executives will suggest the best way to overcome such issues.

Contact Air Arabia to change the passenger name

Passengers can also choose other offline options if they do not have proper internet access. They can do it without going online to correct a spelling mistake on Air Arabia ticket via phone only. They can contact customer support at 600508001 and ask for name change assistance from executives over the phone. The operators will help travelers regarding name changes.

Air Arabia name change policy

Before modifying the traveler's name, they should read about its policies in detail. Some following points can highlight its policies.

  1. Any travelers who have confirmed air tickets can change names through the official website before 24 hours of departure.
  2. Correction and changes are only applicable to middle and last names.
  3. Based on the reservation, a service fee can be charged after name change fees.
  4. A minor correction is limited to one character only.
  5. Passengers can make changes or modify them only once before flight departure.
  6. Travelers can go within a free name change if they are doing it within 24 hours of booking.

How much does it cost to change a passenger name on Air Arabia?

The cost depends on the number of letters travelers change in their name. So, to know the exact price, they should see the list of Air Arabia name change fee because every letter changes include some charges. They have to pay some amount which may vary from AED 350 to EGP 900 per person approximately.