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How can I change my flight to Sun Country?

How can I change my Sun Country ticket booking?

When you have planned a trip and have made the reservations with Sun Country, the one thing that remains is the preparations for your trip. But eventually, because of some reasons or postponement of the plan, you need to change sun country flight tickets; for that, you need to know everything related to it. There are several ways through which you can change the ticket as well. You also need to know the policy for flight change, as only then will you be able to change your flights without any inconvenience.

Sun Country flight reschedule policy: 

If you do not want to pay the flight change charges with Sun Country Airlines, then make sure to change the ticket within 24 hours of purchase.
If you have changed the flight 60 days prior to the scheduled flight, then you do not have to pay the ticket change charges.
You can sun country change flight dates by using vouchers and coupons to pay for your ticket change charges.
When you change the flight ticket, you can also upgrade the class, and the new tickets will be available on the website.
Business and First Class passengers can receive a concession from the Airline over their flight change charges.
If you are unable to travel because of some severe health issues, then Sun Country can extend your travel for 30 days, but that needs to be verified by the related documents.
According to the Sun Country flight change policy, the ticket can be changed continuously, but every time you have to pay the higher charges and the fare difference if applicable.
All the members of the Frequent Flyer Program of Sun Country will either be free from the ticket change cost or receive a concession.

Change flight with Sun Country Airlines Online

  • Navigate to the official website of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Click Manage Booking and enter your reservation number with your last name.
  • Search for your flight and navigate to the Menu by clicking at the top right.
  • From all the options, you need to select the flight change and follow the further instructions appearing on the screen.
  • Select the new date and time of the changed ticket and complete the procedure.
  • You can get the ticket from the website or via email.

How much is the Sun Country flight change fee?

If you are changing the flight tickets, then it is mandatory that you know the cost that you have to pay. The flight change charges concern the class, routes, ticket type, and time of the ticket change, so there could not be a fixed price. But the Sun Country Airlines flight change fee that you might have to pay for the flight change ranges from $100 to $200 apart from the fare difference.

How long do I have to change my Sun Country flight ticket?

Though the time for the change ticket on Sun Country depends on when the booking took place, there are several conditions, such as if the ticket has been changed within 24 hours of booking or 60 days before the departure, it is completely free. After this period you have to pay a certain charge for the same. 

How can I change my Sun Country flight without a fee?

If you want to save yourself from paying the ticket change charges at Sun Country, then you must follow the guidelines mentioned in the ticket change policy of the Airline, such as the 24-hour window, using vouchers and coupons, etc. 

How do I contact Sun Country to change my flight?

Though there are various ways through which you can contact the customer service of Sun Country Airlines for a ticket change, the most convenient would be a phone call. It will undoubtedly be the best and fastest method which will make things easy. You just have to dial 651-905-2737 and provide all the details of your ticket, such as the date, new class, date and time, etc. Only then will the executives be able to change your Sun Country ticket.

Conclusion: All the information that has been mentioned in this read will eventually help you change the flight ticket with Sun Country Airlines. For more queries, you can get to the official webpage of the Airline.