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Choose a seat on Air Canada, Seat Selection, Policy & Fee

How can I choose a seat on Air Canada?

After you have completed your flight reservation process with Air Canada, the Airline provides you with a procedure where you can select a seat according to your choice for comfortable flying, for which you have to fill in all the required details; you can choose your seat from the available seats on the seat map, To head with the seat selection procedure, you can follow up with the steps that are given below.

  • Head to the Air Canada official website.
  • Enter your last name and flight reservation code on the manage booking page.
  • Then, head to the seat selection option on the summary page.
  • You will locate a seat map and select your preferred seat from the available options.
  • Pay the charges for your selected seat, as shown on the screen.
  • After that, you will get a confirmation email and the details of your chosen seat.

Another mode to choose your flight seat.

If you are facing any issues in choosing your flight seat through the website, then you can head with another process where you can visit the Airport and speak to a live person from Air Canada; the agent will provide you with the seat map, from which you can pick the seat of your preference, and ask the agent to make the reservation.

Air Canada seat selection policy

  1. You have to pay the extra charges for a few selective seats if you reserve them, like a window or an aisle seat, as they are more in demand.
  2. You can not avail of a seat near the emergency exit if you are pregnant, unaccomplished, or minor.
  3. After you get your boarding pass, the Airline does not allow you to change your reserved seat.
  4. If you want to select an emergency row seat, you must provide the necessary documents to the Airline and fulfill the Airline requirements.
  5. The seat selection fare depends on the fare type of your Air Canada flight ticket.

How much does it cost to select a seat on Air Canada?

If you have selected your flight seat from the remaining seat options, then the Airline will not charge you any seat selection fee. Still, to choose your preferred seat, you might have to pay a certain amount to the Airline as per the policy; for more information, you can speak to the Airline representative by calling the customer care number.

What are the best seats on the Air Canada economy?

The best seats on Air Canada economy class are in the exit row and the first few rows of the cabin on some of the flights, as you get the large leg space to relax and also you get the preference to exit the plane fast as it lands, and also in case your emergency as well, also if you choose a seat on Air Canada the seat near the exit gate you have you pay the extra charges to the Airline.

What size are the seats on Air Canada?

The seat size on Air Canada are as follows.

  • For economy class, the seat pitch is 31, and the width is 18.
  • For premium economy, the seat's pitch is 38, and the width of the seat is 18.
  • The pitch is 70, and the with is 20 for business class.

When can I select my seat for free on Air Canada?

Just after your flight reservation, the Airline provides you with the option you head to the Air Canada free seat selection process, where you can pick your seat from the available options on the seat map, or else you can select the seat for free from 24 hours before departure when check-in opens.

What happens if you don't select seats on Air Canada?

When you do not select your preferred seat after making the flight reservation, then the Airline assigns you the seat of their choice at check-in or sometimes at the gate, but to choose the seat of your preference, you can head with the Air Canada seat selection process where you can select a seat for free and some particular seat by paying the charges.