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5 quick ways to speak to someone at Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is a well-known air carrier that is based in Austria and known for its comfortable journeys and outstanding customer service. The customer service team provides effective support to people with their queries and is accessible at all times. They are helpful in reserving a seat on the flight or managing your previous booking as per your new requirement, or giving solutions to your travel problems. The assistance is available in many different languages at the Austrian Airlines customer service. 

Call Austrian Airlines to get urgent help

If you have a requirement to get through to a customer expert by calling the airlines, you have to obtain their contact number and then place a call to speak live about your queries. Here the calling procedure is mentioned:

Dial the Austrian Airlines phone number: 1 (800) 843-0002 (toll-free and available 24/7)

  • Next, you need to focus on the automated IVR:
  • Choose 1 for reserving a seat on an Austrian Airlines flight,
  • Choose 2 for changing an Austrian Airlines flight,
  • Choose 3 for an Austrian Airlines flight status or updates,
  • Choose 4 for the refund claims at Austrian Airlines,
  • Choose # for getting through an expert at Austrian Airlines customer service. 
  • Afterward, you will require to hold the call for some time,
  • And with some wait, an expert will be available on the other side of the call to listen to your issues and give you the appropriate solutions. 

There are also some online contacting options that you can consider to contact Austrian Airlines customer service at your own pace. The online contacting platforms are easy to use for obtaining the answers to any of your flight journey concerned queries. The contracting platforms are as follows:

Chat Assistant 

For direct assistance from a representative, you can take into consideration the Austrian Airlines customer service chat, which is allotted on the official page. To acquire the chart assistant, you can go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Austrian Airlines website,
  2. Below the homepage, you will find the Contact option,
  3. It will lead you to the contacting platforms page,
  4. An icon will be present in the corner of the page,
  5. It will open the live chat dialogue box on your screen,
  6. Now click on the "Start Chat" button,
  7. You may choose from the given prompts in the chat screen,
  8. Or may type the queries manually in the chat box,
  9. Later a representative will assign to you as per the question,
  10. And the representative will share a suitable response. 

Email Assistance

Email is also a part of the contracting platform that can be used to receive information on your travel queries, for filing complaints, and share feedback with Austrian Airlines. The email can be delivered to customer service by adhering to the below points:

  • First, head to the Austrian Airlines help & contact page,
  • After that, you need to look for the email option,
  • It will direct you to the required window,
  • Next, add the queries along with the required personal information,
  • And then, by pressing the Send button, the email will be dropped at Austrian Airlines. 

Social Media

Assistance from Austrian Airlines is also given on the different social media sites that you can adhere to by sharing your questions in their accounts. You may communicate with an expert online on various mediums like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube

The steps for joining an expert on a social media channel are as follows:

  1. Open the homepage of Austrian Airlines in your browser,
  2. Next, you have to navigate to the bottom for the preferred social media channel,
  3. Selecting any social media will take you to the required page,
  4. There you can opt for the message feature to go to the inbox,
  5. And next, you can send your questions concerning the flight journey,
  6. You will obtain replies to your questions from an expert as soon as possible. 

Contact Form

A person may also choose to fill out the Austrian Airlines contact form to receive assistance on travel-related queries. By the contact form, you can choose to receive assistance on call as well. For this, you just need to adhere to a few below steps:

  • Reach on the contact page of the Austrian Airlines site,
  • After that, navigate to the Contact form link,
  • It will take you directly to a new page,
  • Pick the concerned topic of your query on the appeared page,
  • Then the related contact form will open,
  • Now you need to enter the mandatory details concerning your query,
  • Choose the preferred platform to receive a revert from a representative,
  • And then, click on the Send button to deliver the contact form to Austrian Airlines customer service. 

How do I request special assistance from Austrian Airlines?

For the special assistance request at Austrian Airlines, you can choose to fax the requirement, and an official will contact you on the procedure. The fax number of Austrian Airlines is +43 5 1766 51002. This is available from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm all week. You need to add your flight ticket details, contact information, and the special assistance you require in the fax. 

How do Austrian Airlines customer experts solve the problem?

Austrian Airlines customer experts listen and understand the issues of a passenger and provide them with solutions. The experts share the needful information on the concerned mean or give instructions for a particular query depending on the queries of the customers.

What is the minimum connection time for Austrian Airlines?

The minimum connection time to connect with a person using the Austrian Airlines customer service number is around 8 to 10 minutes. Depending on the call volumes and availability of the experts, you may avail a person on the call before 8 minutes, or the hold time can stretch to 90 minutes maximum.  

What country is Austrian Airlines from?

Austrian Airlines is from Germany and has its hub at the grounds of Vienna International Airport. It operates flights both domestically and internationally. 

Where does Austrian Air fly from in the USA?

The destinations from Austrian Airlines fly from in the USA are mentioned below:

New York City
Los Angeles 
Washington D.C.
San Francisco 

How do I email Austrian holidays?

For the special holiday requests at Austrian Airlines, you can choose to email them with your requirement, and an official person will revert to the same within 24 hours of sharing the email. You can add the requests in the email and give the required reservation dates and destination with your contact details. The email should be delivered to the Austrian Airlines customer service email address assigned for holidays, that is,