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How do I speak to someone at Avianca?

How do I speak to someone at Avianca?

Avianca Airlines is a Colombia-based Airline. It is the biggest airline in Colombia, being their flag carrier. A lot of people on a daily basis book their flights with Avianca regularly. They provide a comfortable ambiance-friendly crew. If you are planning your next trip, then you can travel with Avianca Airlines and book your tickets. If you have already booked your flight with the airline and have any queries regarding your reservation, then you can contact Avianca customer service by calling on their helpline number which is 1 (800) 284-2622, and get fast help from the agent.

Contact the Avianca customer service agent by calling

Dial 1 (800) 284-2622 and directly speak to someone at Avianca.

Choose a preferred language and follow the IVR instructions:

  • Press 1 to make a new reservation.
  • Press 2 for existing reservation-related queries.
  • Press 3 for baggage-associated queries.
  • Press 4 for check-in services.
  • Press 5 for other information and questions.
  • Press 6 for a refund request.
  • Press 7 for pet carriage.

You must select from the IVR menu options as per your needs, and a customer service executive will connect with you shortly. Explain your query, and the executive will provide possible solutions to your issue or question. If your query remains unsolved, you can dial Avianca's contact number again at any point of time in the day. 

How do I reach Avianca customer service? 

There are several ways you can contact Avianca in case of any query; although you can dial the Avianca customer service number 1 (800) 284-2622 at any point in time, you can also consider the options given below. You can connect through various options like live chat, email address, Whatsapp chatting/messaging, etc. have the information of all these ways here. 

How can I chat with Avianca?

Virtual assistance is also available in Avianca. You can visit their official website,, and go to the 'contact us' tab. Navigate to the next page, and you can talk to a live person at Avianca by typing the message in the given live chat box. The agent will get connected to you and will provide further details. Live chat is an instant way to get associated with the 

How can I email Avianca?

You can have Avianca email help at This is the official email address of customer service at Avianca Airlines. You can directly write to this email address and get your request processed. You will get your revert message to the email within a few working hours. The agent will get connected to you. 

How do I contact Avianca by WhatsApp?

+57 3114006797 is the official Avianca customer service WhatsApp number of Avianca Airlines. You can scan the code on your cell phone, or you may click on the given image by opening WhatsApp. You can also add the number mentioned earlier to your contacts to easily get their WhatsApp access. 

How do I request special service on Avianca? 

If you want to opt for some special assistance regarding your flight reservation, then The users can ask for special assistance in case they wish to have disability accommodation, need medical assistance before boarding their flight, or wish for wheelchair assistance. The most basic way to get a hold of them is to connect with the customer service agent through a phone call. You can call the Avianca phone number 1 (800) 284-2622  or contact through Whatsapp at +57 3114006797 anytime. 

The passengers are advised to request special assistance at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure to get better accommodation for their special travel needs and other necessary benefits mentioned here for you as follows.  

  • If the passengers are traveling with ten disabled people or more than ten disabled people, then you will have to contact them before 48 hours of scheduled departure in order to confirm the order of sitting on the flight. 
  • You will have to inform the Airlines in case you are traveling with any medical equipment like oxygen concentrators or wheelchairs. 
  • You must confirm with the collaborator whether the special service was included in the reservation or not. 
  • You do not need a medical certificate for a disability. However, you may need to produce a medical certificate if you require an oxygen cylinder.
  • You can request special services during online booking or by calling the call center. If you have already made a booking, then you will have to call customer service to request special services for disability accommodation. 

The things you need to care of at the Airport: 

  1. Kindly make sure you arrive early at the Airport before the departure time as you need to check and confirm the whole special assistance process.
  2. Especially for the flight in Peru, you need to come at least one hour in advance. In any case, if you get late, you will be only allowed under certain situations. 
  3. Listen to the announcements being made carefully so that you continuously keep in check with the flight status. 
  4. Make sure you have all the required and important documents that are crucial for the check-in. 

What is the Avianca customer service number in Colombia?

You can call +18007228222 to connect with customer service from Colombia. It is available in the Avianca call center 24 hours a day. The best time to call the Avianca agent is the early morning hours which is between 4 AM to 7 AM. 

How do I file a complaint against Avianca Airlines?

If you have any complaint to make against Avianca Airline, then write to the airline's consumer office at its main headquarters of corporate services. Or write it to their email address You will get a revert mail on the same within a few working hours. 

What are the Avianca customer service hours?

Avianca customer service hours are 27. You can contact Avianca at any point of time in the day. Contact them by any means of communication like live chat, phone number, text message, email, social media platforms, etc. Avianca customer service chat is available 24 hours a day.

How do I contact Avianca lost baggage? 

If you lost your baggage, your baggage was damaged, or your baggage was looted. In this case, you can directly go to the official website, where a form link will appear. You must fill out the form within 48 hours after the flight. You can directly click on the link and follow the further steps in order to fill out the form to get your lost bag back. 

  1. Go to baggage affection and select the damages done. 
  2. Fill in the Avianca reservation number, which is a five-digit alphanumeric code. It will be available on your boarding pass. 
  3. Select the passengers and include the place or destination of the baggage that is lost.
  4. Select the tag number of the lost luggage and the place it was registered.
  5. Elaborate on the details of the baggage.
  6. Verify the contact info. 
  7. By the end of the process, an ID will be delivered; save it.