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Iberia Check-in, Boarding Pass | Check-In Baggage & Policy

Completing the check-in process on time is always essential, as airlines will verify all your details and provide you with your travel boarding pass. You must follow the check-in process on several airlines, and Iberia Airlines is one of them. If you are looking to travel with Iberia Airlines but before that, want to know complete details about their check-in instructions, mediums for check-in, etc., you will get complete details by reading below. 

How do I check in to my Iberia flight?

Plenty of options are available to check with Iberia Airlines; if you do not know these online or offline modes, go through below. 

Use the official website: The finest option is Iberia check-in online mode, using online mode, as it starts well before 24 hours of departure. You can complete the process to make the Iberia Airlines check-in below.

  • Look for the official website of Iberia Airlines 
  • Open the check-in section and fill out the passenger’s surname with the booking code or ticket number
  • Select the check-in online option and choose the seat from the available options
  • Next, add the luggage and select the confirmed check-in 
  • Doing this, airlines will send you the travel boarding pass on your email ID

Through Kiosk machine: If the online check-in time is surpassed and there is a long queue at the counter of check-in at Iberia Airlines, then you can also reach the Kiosk machine to make the check-in. You must go to the machine, tap on the check-in section, and then follow the on-screen instructions. 

How can I check in at the airport for Iberia?

While making the reservation with Iberia Airlines, if you add any special assistance to your reservation, you need to show your credit card at the airport; you make the air shuttle bookings for more than one passenger, or if the online check-in window is closed, then you need to make the Iberia airport check-in. You have to reach the counter available at the airport and provide your complete booking details to the agent present there. Then they will check your details and provide your travel boarding pass.

When can I check-in online for Iberia?

Completing the check-in process using the official website is always beneficial as you will benefit from more seat availability. The online Iberia check-in time is 24 hours before the departure, but if you add any assistance to the reservation, you can not make the check-in using the Iberia Airlines official website. 

How early can you check in online for Iberia?

The check-in timings on Iberia will vary as per the destination, but the online check-in window is open before 24 hours and closed before 1 hour. On some destinations, such as Lagos San José, the online window closed before 90 minutes of the departure. 

How do I get my Iberia boarding pass?

You can make the prior 24 hours to 90 minutes of the flight's departure time if you want to make the check-in online, but if you cannot make the check-in between these timings, then you can use the alternative modes. 

Why is Iberia not letting me check in online?

You cannot make the check-in online; if you are not aware of those reasons, you can go through the details below. 

  • If you are applying for the online check-in after closing the window, Iberia will not allow you to check in; in such a situation, you must use the alternative mode. 
  • The airport from where you are departing does not allow online check-in.
  • If you are traveling to/from China, the USA, or the UK, you cannot check online as the authorities of these countries will not allow you. 
  • While making the bookings, if you add any assistance to the reservation, such as medical assistance, unaccompanied minor service, assistance for pets, addition of extra seats in the reservation, etc., you cannot make the check-in online. 
  • Suppose you want to travel with partner airlines or operators such as American Airlines, Finnair, British Airways, or Vueling. In that case, Iberia Airlines will redirect you to the website of the operator airline. 

Does Iberia have an electronic boarding pass?

Yes, Iberia gives travelers the option of an electronic boarding pass, and if any traveler has that pass, they will not need to do paperwork as they are allowed to proceed to the aircraft directly. The electronic Iberia boarding pass is required at security checks, the counter & boarding. The airlines will provide the electronic boarding pass when you check in through the website or using the mobile application of Iberia Airlines.

Do I need a paper boarding pass, Iberia?

It’s not necessary to carry any boarding pass while traveling with Iberia, but there are certain airports whose authorities require a paper boarding pass. 

What documents do I need to travel with Iberia?

There are certain documents you must carry to travel with Iberia Airlines, and if you are unaware of those documents, you must go through them below. 

  1. National approved ID or state driving license
  2. Passport or Visa
  3. Valid flight tickets 
  4. Military ID card for travelers serving in the military 

What time is check-in at Iberia Madrid?

The check-in time at Madrid airport will vary as per the route of the flight; if you are looking to travel with any long-haul route flight, then you can check-in prior 4 hours of the departure, and if you are traveling to any short-haul route flight then you can make the check-in prior 2 hours of the departure time. While traveling with Madrid airport, you will benefit from checking your luggage 24 hours before departure. 

How much baggage is allowed on Iberia?

The baggage allowance on Iberia Airlines will vary as per the seat type or destination. However, if you do not have details about Iberia checked baggage or carry-on policies on Iberia, you must go through them below. 

For standard class: 

  • You can carry one carry-on or handbag, which needs to be under 8 kg, and their dimension must be under 56 cm x 40cm x 25 cm. If the size or weight exceeds, you must pay the additional charges. 
  • You can carry one checked bag, but it needs to be under 23 kg, and its dimensions must be under 158 cm, including wheels, handles, etc. 

For premium economy: 

  • Iberia Airlines allows one carry-on bag that has to be under 10 kg; their measurements must be under 56cm x 40cm x 25cm. 
  • You can carry one carry-on bag, and their size must be under 27 kg. 

For business class:

  • If you select a business class seat, you are allowed to carry two carry-on bags, which must be under 14 kg, and the measurements of the bags are such that they can easily fit in the lower seat or upper head cabin. 
  • For a checked bag, you can take two pieces, which must be under 28 kg; if the weight exceeds, you must pay the additional charges. The maximum weight allowed for the checked bag for long-haul route flights is 32 kg, and if the weight is more than that, you should send your luggage via cargo. 

For other equipment: 

If you want to carry any sports equipment, musical instruments, medical equipment, etc., you need to pay the additional charges between 40 USD and 60 USD, and the fee will depend upon the weight of the equipment. 

How much is it to check in a bag with Iberia?

The amount you have to pay for the check-in of your bag will vary as per the destination. Still, the first Iberia checked baggage price is 45 USD and 60 USD; for the second checked bag, you must pay 75 USD to 90 USD.