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JetBlue Group Booking and How Does it Work?

What does the JetBlue group mean?

A group means a number of people traveling to the same destination as a family or from an organization. It can be a huge family vacation or a travel group, or students on vacation. The number of people must be above 10, and only then is it considered group travel. You can also make a group booking for people less than 8. You can make the group booking in two ways, you can book using the official website of the airline, or you can book by calling the customer service of JetBlue Airlines.

How do JetBlue group flight tickets work?

You can make a booking for a group in a single reservation by contacting the service or using the official website of JetBlue. For any queries, you can use the JetBlue group booking information page to get requirements.

How do I make a group booking with JetBlue Airline?

There are two ways you can make a group booking for more than 10 people. The procedure is given in below points clearly for your reference. You can use the group booking procedure to make the reservation.

Online through the official website

Suppose you do not want to call the support team and make the reservation. You can also get the JetBlue group flight tickets for your travel on the official website using the group travel form. The procedure to make a group reservation is very simple. You can use the points that are provided and use it to make the reservation.

  • In order to make the reservation, you must go to the official domain of JetBlue Airlines.
  • Then you must look for the group travel option.
  • There you can see various topics; you need to click on the group reservation.
  • And then, you must press the” Submit a request for JetBlue group booking.”
  • On the diverted page, you need to fill in the details such as:
  • The head of the Group has contact information.
  • Group name
  • Number of travelers in the Group
  • Passport details if traveling internationally
  • Submit the needed request.
  • And once the process is over, you can make the payment for your group reservation.

Contact number:

To make the group reservation, you can use the official contact number 1-800-538-2583. The steps to make a group reservation are explained clearly for your reference. Make use of the steps provided to make the group booking.

  1. Call the customer service using the contact number of JetBlue.
  2. Then request for the group booking.
  3. The agent will then send you the link for the group travel reservation form.
  4. You need to fill out the group travel form for JetBlue.
  5. Once the request has been submitted, you can make the transaction for your reservation. 

Note: To make any changes, you must need the Jetblue group reservation number of the JetBlue Airlines flight.

Check-in for Jetblue group booking:

No individual passenger from the Group can make a separate check-in using the online or the kiosk machine. When you need to check in, you can directly go to the check-in counter, and you can tell the travel group to get the boarding passes for your Group.

Group travel payment Info:

  • The final payment for JetBlue group travel is due 30 before the departure of your domestic flight. 
  • The final payment for JetBlue group travel is due 60 before the departure of your international flight.
  • You must make the final payment within the time frame, or else the reservation will be canceled. 

Is it cheaper to book JetBlue flights as a group?

Yes, group travel reservation is considered to be the cheapest if you want to travel with your Group as you get various discounts and benefits with the JetBlue group travel plan. You can read through the information regarding the group travel information on the JetBlue group travel page.

How do I get Group A boarding on JetBlue?

Group A on JetBlue Airlines refers to the business card holders or the passengers who hold business class flight tickets. And all the Group A members have prior boarding and other such benefits. For your reference, the group boarding on the Jetblue list is provided below.

Boarding order on JetBlue Airlines:

  1. The passenger who has special needs (priority boarding)
  2. TrueBlue members (Mosaic and Mint)
  3. Business class card holders (Group A)
  4. Courtesy Boarding (Military and passenger with children)
  5. Group B
  6. Group C
  7. Group D
  8. Group E
  9. Group F
  10. And all the other remaining passengers.

What does Group B mean on JetBlue?

Group B are the passengers who hold tickets in the general boarding and the passenger who is flying with the Jetblue vacation package. And the passengers who have their seats in the front row of the flight.

What is Group C boarding on JetBlue?

Group C is also the general boarding which is seated after the Group B passengers. Group C is nothing but the seating arrangements and the check-in order at the time of boarding.

What is the difference between Group B and C boarding on JetBlue?

The main difference is the Group C tickets hold the tickets that are seated after the Group B tickets holder, and during the check-in, group B members are seated first and then the Group C members as they are seated behind the Group B members.

How do I call JetBlue Airlines for Group Travel?

If you have doubts regarding the group travel and need expert help, you can use the procedure that is given below to contact the service team and get help.

  1. You can call a representative at 1-800-538-2583.
  2. Dial the number, and you must carefully follow the instructions of the computer-generated voice.
  3. Then you need to press the keys respectively to contact an agent.
  4. In a while, the system will be a lot of an agent to you.
  5. Explain and make the request for your group booking.
  6. You will receive an email with the group travel form link.
  7. Also, get clarified the doubts.