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Select seats in Philippine Airlines | Seat selection policy and Fee

How to select seats on Philippine Airlines?

Making the selection of a comfortable seat is necessary as it will help you to make your travel more convenient. Most airlines give you seat selection options and PAL Airlines is one of them. While booking with Philippine Airlines, you will get different seat options with varying services and prices. There are different mediums active using which you can make the Philippine Airlines seat selection, and if you are unaware of those mediums, then go through below.

Use the official website: You can use the official website of Philippine Airlines to select a seat, and using this mode will help you know accurate information about vacant seats. If you want to use this mode for seat selection, you should go through the points below. 

  • Locate the website of Philippine Airlines and find the manage booking tab.
  • Provide your last name with the PNR number. 
  • Choose the seat selection option and then make the selection of the vacant seat.
  • Check whether any charges are applicable or not; if applicable, then pay them. 
  • Philippine Airlines will send you the email of successfully selecting the seat.

Communicate with representatives: You can reach the representatives of the Philippine airlines to make the seat selection, and while connecting with them, you will know about seat selection policies, charges, etc. Call 1 (800) 435-9725 to make the seat selection on call and then select the IVR related to the query. 

Philippine Airlines seat selection policy

Having the information about the Philippine Airlines seat selection policy is essential as it will help you know whether you need to pay the charges. If you are unaware of the seat selection policies of PAL, you can go through the details below. 

  1. You can select the seat within 24 hours without paying charges, but after surpassing the free window, you must pay the cost. 
  2. Until check-in, if you do not make the seat selection, airlines will automatically allot you the seat, and to modify those seats, you need to pay the charges. 
  3. Disabled passengers, pregnant women, and children are not allowed to choose seats near the emergency exit or in the front row of the cabin. 
  4. Travelers with any medical issues are allowed to choose their preferred seat, but they will need to show genuine health documents, and they can only make the seat selection from the airport counter the airline.

When can I choose my seats on Philippine Airlines?

You can choose a seat on Philippine Airlines within 24 hours of the booking without paying any amount if you have confirmed tickets. But after that time you must pay the seat cost, and you can select using the manage booking option. If you are selecting the seat online, you can make the selection 4 hours before the departure, and if the time left in the departure is less than 04 hours, you have to choose the seat from the airport counter.  

What size are the seats on Philippine Airlines economy?

The seats in Philippine Airlines aircraft are comfortable, with more legroom and most seats offer a calf and footrest. If you are looking to travel in economy class then you can find it in Philippine Airlines seat map, you will get the seat size will be 19” wide, 38” pitch, and 08” recline and in this seat, you will also receive the USD charging port, TV touch screen, center pull out table, etc. 

Is seat selection free with Philippine Airlines?

Yes, you can select the seat without paying any charges, but only if you do it at the time of booking or within 24 hours of reservation. After that free window of select seats on PAL, you have to pay the charges, depending on the class of your bookings. If you want to choose any special seat such as a near exit row seat, more legroom seats, etc., you must pay the charges. 

How much is an aisle seat on Philippine Airlines?

Most travelers want to travel on the aisle seat as it is located in the end row of the aircraft, and the charges are comparatively cheaper than other flights. To choose the aisle seat, they have to pay the Philippine Airlines seat selection fee, which will vary as per the flight route, destination type, etc., but the charges are between 15 USD and 30 USD.