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United Airlines Check-in, Boarding Pass | Check-in Baggage & Policy

How do you check-in online with United Airlines?

United Airlines provides online check-in services prior to 24 hours before the flight schedule. You will be permitted to web United Airlines check-in, fewer than 9 flyers are traveling. Besides, you don't require special assistance and have previously scanned your passport with United Airlines. Passengers can scan their passports via the United app to complete the check-in or at the airport kiosk. 

If you have decided on the web check-in, follow the steps for check-in to get the boarding flight: 

  • Visit the website of the airline. 
  • Select the check-in option. 
  • Enter the confirmation ticket and last name. 
  • Click on the Search button. 

After that, you have to share the number of bags. The seat number is allotted to you if not selected when making a reservation. Besides, you can choose the itinerary as per your requirement before clicking on the boarding pass button. 

How do I use my self check-in kiosk at the airport?

Instead of United Airlines web check-in, passengers can opt for check-in at the airport. You need to reach the airport at least 2 hours before the departure schedule. 

United Airlines kiosk check-in required a PNR code, also known as a flight booking number, e-ticket, or passport. Passengers need to log in to the system and request additional services. You can select the seats and go to the boarding area and bag drop counter. 

What are the advantages of self check-in kiosks in airports?

The benefits of airport kiosks are reduced waiting time as offering shorter lines. This saves the time of passengers by providing the flight check-in facility, boarding pass, and luggage tag printing. It is one of the most convenient services to get the United Airlines boarding pass, among others. 

When can you check-in with United Airlines?

Travelers who have booked United Airlines need a boarding pass to get on the aircraft. So you are required to check-in. United flight check-in online services are accessible 24 hours before the flight departure. However, for airport check-in preferred to reach the airport at least 2 hours before the flight schedule for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights. So that you can timely check-in, baggage check, and cross the security checkpoints on time to enter the plane. 

Check-in time for the airport and destination can vary. It is recommended to check the confirmation ticket to find the check-in time mentioned for your flight. 

How early can I check-in online for United?

Passengers are allowed web check-in or via mobile device. You are required to visit the website or open the United app on your device. Generally, the United Airlines check-in app or web starts 24 hours after the scheduled flight up to 2 hours. After that, you would not be able to check in online. 

For check-in from the comfort of your home, you can download the United app from the airline website or Play Store. 

How do I get my boarding pass?

The boarding pass is shared by the airline after check-in for the flight. Flyers can check in online or at the airport. Printed and mobile boarding passes are acceptable by United Airlines. Suppose you are using the web check-in, the airline shares the option to send the boarding pass to your mail so that you can open the boarding pass on your device whenever required.

How do I check-in on the United Airlines app?

Mobile check-in is equally effortless as web check-in. You need to open the app on your device. Passengers can download the United App on their devices and follow the steps discussed below: 

  1. Open the app on your mobile device. 
  2. Click on the check-in option. 
  3. Share your booking number and last name. 
  4. Click on the check-in option. 
  5. Add the itinerary and bags to your ticket if required. 
  6. Save the boarding pass on your device. 

United Airlines check-in time for mobile check-in is from 24 hours up to 2 hours before the flight schedule. You can use the United app for boarding pass more than 30 different partner airlines. Passengers are required to connect from a United flight to a participating airline's flight. 

Is it better to check-in online or at the airport?

When you are boarding a short-haul flight with carry-on baggage, online check-in is suggested as it saves a lot of time. If carrying bulky checked baggage, you can consider airport check-in for security reasons. 

What happens if you don't check-in 24 hours before your flight?

As per the policies of United Airlines, if passengers don't check-in for the flight at a specific time shared by the airline will be denied a boarding pass. 

You aren't allowed to check in online if: 

Reservations aren't eligible for check-in via the web if tickets mentioned the need for special assistance. You need to report United representatives at the airport.   
Passengers book Basic Economy if they have checked bags. 

In case you have any doubts about whether you would be allowed to United flights check-in online, dial the contact number to resolve your queries. 

Do you get a free check-in with United Airlines?

United Airlines allows free check-in if booked business and first-class seats across the destination. Moreover, Economy Flyers to Europe and long-haul flights are entitled to 1 to 2 checked bags without charges. For more information, passengers can check the airline's baggage calculator to know about their allowance. 

How many bags can I check in United Airlines?

The airline allows two standards of checked baggage, and the maximum dimensions are 62 inches, including length + width + height. However, the limit of the united airlines check-in baggage can be exceeded. Passengers are required to pay for the extra services. Consider paying $ 150 per bag for your third and any additional bags. Apart from this, a carry-on bag and one personal item are free, irrespective of the fare. 

How much does United charge for checked bags?

The fee for luggage is different for domestic and international flights. Check the price share to plan your trip: 

Domestic flight: 

United Airlines checked luggage cost for the US domestic flight: 

First bag: $35.00 USD
Second bag: $45.00 USD
Third and any additional: $150.00 USD per bag

International flight

The airline provides the standard baggage fee to and from the US: 

First bag: fee
Second bag: $ 100
Basic Economy: $ 60 and $ 100 for the first and second bags, respectively. 

In case of any confusion, flyers can visit the website and check the baggage calculator applicable to their fare to avoid the last minute's troubles. 

How early do you have to check a bag on United?

When passengers travel with a carry-on and personal item, they can reach the airport half an hour before boarding the flight if they check-in online. But you have to follow the United Airlines check-in baggage time: 

  • 60 minutes before flight schedule time for international flights to/from the US. 
  • 45 minutes prior to the flight departure for domestic flights. 

What is the weight limit for United check-in?

If you have queries related to the United Airlines check-in baggage weight before purchasing the ticket, check the guide mentioned here: 

If domestic flight baggage weight is greater than 23 kg, you will be charged: 

  1. Between 24 and 32 kgs: $ 100 to $ 200 extra per bag. 
  2. Between 33 and 46 kgs: $ 400 for each additional bag. 
  3. When the weight is more than 46 kgs aren't accepted as checked baggage. 
  4. Sports equipment fee depends on the equipment. Skis, golf bags, fishing equipment, hockey, and lacrosse are considered as one item. You need to pay around $ 30. Fees for the larger sporting equipment are more than $ 150. 

In case of any issues, dial the United Airlines Number 1 (800) 864-8331 for assistance. Visit the website for more instructions and follow the airline on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.