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How do I select a seat on Southwest Airlines?

How do I choose a seat on Southwest?

Southwest is one of the largest low-cost carriers and major airlines in the United States, also known as Southwest. If you're planning to fly with Southwest and you've already made a reservation but now you want to change your seat for some reason and you're wondering how to do it, before you select a seat, you should be aware of Southwest Airlines seat selection policy.

Southwest Airlines seat selection policy

  • One can select seats for each passenger traveling with them while booking a reservation with SouthWest by paying a seat selection charge of $30 to $40, depending upon the flight details, subject to the availability of the seats.
  • Southwest has an open seating policy, in which passengers can select their seats from available seats once on board, as the airline does not assign seats to reservations.
  • The boarding position and the group will indicate how many seats one can choose from since the people who board early will keep on choosing among the vacant seats.
  • The exit row seats can be selected on the basis of availability. However, the airline has a specific set of requirements for which the customer should be eligible to sit on the seat.

Pick your seat on Southwest Airlines online

There are two easy ways to choose your seat on Southwest Airlines. One can select seats online by visiting the official website and the other method is to speak to the Southwest Airlines live person by calling toll-free 1 (800) 435-9792 for quick assistance.

Steps to choose your preferred seat at Southwest

  1. One can choose their preferred seats at the time of booking the ticket if they agree to pay an additional seat selection fee.
  2. However, those who don't want to spend unnecessary money can opt for Southwest Airlines' free seat selection process at check-in and boarding.
  3. Since Southwest has an open seating policy, the airline does not assign seats to passengers at check-in.
  4. Passengers can select seats once they board the plane from among the available seats.
  5. Therefore, one can either check-in before everyone else or use the priority check-in and boarding option to board the plane before everyone else and consequently have more seats to choose from.
  6. The last passengers to board the plane will have to travel in the seats left by everyone else, so these seats can be considered less preferred and comfortable. So it is better to get on the plane as soon as possible.

How much does Southwest charge for seat selection?

Southwest charges a basic seat selection fee of $30 to $40, depending on flight destination and routing. Other charges, such as government taxes, service charges, and surcharges, apply to the base seat selection fare, and these charges depend on the place of origin of the flight. However, one can avoid paying the Southwest Airlines seat selection fee and search for their favorite seat once on board because the airline does not assign seats to passengers. Passengers have to choose their own seats from those available when boarding the plane.

How do I get a better seat on Southwest Airlines?

  • One can choose their favored seat while booking the Southwest ticket by paying a seat selection fee.
  • One can also check in early, maybe even exactly 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Purchasing an early-bird check-in, business-select ticket, or upgraded boarding to have better chances and choices to choose a good seat.
  • Furthermore, one can book the first Southwest flight of the day so that the number of fellow passengers who board before one may be less, widening the seat pool to choose from.

How are seats assigned on Southwest?

Contrary to the norm, Southwest does not assign seats when you book a flight with it or during check-in, something that all airlines worldwide do. Southwest calls this its "Open Seating Policy" and states that passengers can make a selection of Southwest Airlines seats from among the vacancies once they board the plane. Therefore, one can look towards selecting a seat when purchasing the reservation or wait until they are on the plane to find out where they would be seated. Thus, it is the case of early risers who eat first, and those who board the plane last may have to travel with the spare seats.

Do you have to pay for Southwest seat selection?

Southwest Airlines does not assign seats to its passengers at any time, in accordance with its open seating policy. However, if you choose to reserve a seat at the time you purchase your airline ticket, you will need to pay additional seat selection fees, which range from $30 to $40 per seat. This is the base seat selection fare, and other charges, such as other surcharges and taxes, may be added.

However, with the help of Southwest Airlines' seat selection policy, the person can choose not to select the seat at the time of reservation and wait until check-in and board the plane, since they will still be able to choose a seat according to their preference, but with fewer seats to choose from. Passengers who board the plane as soon as possible can choose from more seat options, and vacant seats continue to be filled, and the number of options continues to decrease.


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