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How do I change my flight on Aeromexico?

How do I change the Aeromexico flight date?

The plan changes after you have the confirmed reservation with Aeromexico Airline. And if you need opinions on the flight change, look beneath; you can locate various options for the fight change. And the options are as follows:-

Aeromexico change flight online

With the aim of flight changing on Aeromexico, you can dial its official number 1 (800) 237-6639, and ask for the change or online mode; you can make changes on your own. Further, Aeromexico change flight online steps have been illustrated beneath:-

  • Get to the Aeromexico authenticated websites.
  • After that, click on my trip options.
  • Further, type the reservation number with the passenger's last name.
  • On the next tab, your booking details will reflect, and click on the flight change options.
  • Now, choose your new flight, and click on the continue options.
  • Later, the payment tab will open, make payment and click on the finish icon.
  • As the process is complete, you will confirmation in your email address and phone number.

Via airline counter

If you cannot conduct the procedure of Aeromexico flight change via online mode, then you can physically visit the airline counter and make that changes. Through to make changes with these options, here is some hint for that:-

  1. Get to the nearby airport and head to the Aeromexico counter.
  2. Then state your concern about the fight changes.
  3. After that, you might have to give your reservation number with the flyer's last name.
  4. Now, select your new available flight.
  5. Later, complete the payment, and you can get a confirmation message in your email id and phone number.

Aeromexico flight change policy

On Aeromexico, if you wish to conduct the flight change, you might have to follow its terms and conditions. Moreover, by that, you could be able to examine if you can make a change in your booking and if you are then under which provisions. So the Aeromexico flight change policy is as follows:-

  • If the passenger changes their booking within 24 hours of flight reservation and that reservation has been conducted seven days or more before the flight departure without any flight change fee.
  • When this time crosses, and if you have to make changes in your booking, you might have to pay the fare difference with the flight change fee based on your fare type and destination.
  • If you have purchased the basic fare of Aeromexico, you might not be able to make changes to your booking even by paying an additional fee.
  • When you have to change the flight due to travel restrictions the government applies, you might not have to pay the flight change fee, Aeromexico change ticket date fee, or any fare difference if your new flight departs within 60 days after the restrictions.
  • If your flight gets delayed by three hours or more, you get the free flight changes but have to pay the fare difference.
  • When you face any medical emergency or sickness, you can also change your flight without any extra fee. But have to submit the document to the airline.
  • If the travel agent makes your booking, then you have to communicate with them about the flight change.

How much does it cost to change an Aeromexico flight?

While it has been confirmed that you have to change the flight, if you are worried about the change fee, its cost will depend on your fare type, time, and location. When you choose an Aeromexico same-day flight change, you might have to pay the fee, which could be around $25 to $75. And the flight change fee could be around $80 to $350. When you need the exact amount, get in touch with customer service and avail the details.

How do I speak to someone at Aeromexico about flight changes?

When you desire to make your flight change by speaking with the customer service of Aeromexico, then dial its official number to conduct the procedure. You can dial Aeromexico flight change phone number 1 (800) 237-6639. Further, the IVR menu is shown beneath:-

Press1 to select the language
Press2 for booking
Press5 for flight cancellation
Pres7 for flight changes
Press0 to speak with customer service

Does Aeromexico allow changes?

Yes, Aeromexico allows the flight change but not in all the conditions. In order to change the flight, you have to inspect your entitlement by going through its flight change policy. And to change flight, you might have to pay the Aeromexico flight change fees, but not when you make changes within its grace time. And the grace time is 24 hours if the reservation is made seven days or more before flight departure.


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