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How do I change my name on a WestJet flight?

How do I Quickly Change My Name on a WestJet flight?

You bought a flight ticket from WestJet Airlines, and you realized that you had typed the incorrect name. Here's a relief for you. WestJet Airlines permit passengers to modify their name. This is possible because of the Westjet name correction policy. However, not everyone is allowed to change. Let's check who can change the name on the ticket.

Westjet name correction policy

As per the DoT rules, the name on the air ticket should be as it is mentioned in the passport and government-issued ID. This is mandatory to travel via airlines. Even a single character difference gives the airline authority to cancel your flight from security concerns. If you have made this mistake so, consider changing it, but you should take care of these points before change name on WestJet ticket:

  1. The WestJet permits passengers to change names 2 hours before the scheduled departure.
  2. The name change policy applies to fare types, not basic fares.
  3. According to this policy, you are allowed to correct your name without any fee within 24 hours of booking your flight.
  4. It doesn't allow you to change the full name, but only minor changes up to 3 characters.
  5. As a passenger, you can make corrections online or offline based on your suitability.
  6. If a flyer's name is changed after divorce or marriage, you can modify it without any charge by submitting your documents.
  7. For immediate assistance, you can contact consumer service. Share your full name, six-letter reservation code, itinerary details, and email address, and the customer executive can correct the name and send you the mail with the updated details.

Ways to change the name on a WestJet flight

You have to follow the process to change the last name or for any modifications. You are allowed to make changes online or offline. Check the method for the online Westjet ticket name change:

Change passenger name on a WestJet ticket online

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on my bookings.
  • Choose "manage flights" from the dropdown.
  • Enter the details for the reservation code and last name.
  • After submitting details, see the all reservation.
  • Now select the booking you want to make the name changes.
  • Once the details are completed, WestJet Airlines will send mail/SMS new ticket details. 

Another way to make ticket name changes is by email. Check the process to send mail:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Click on "Contact us."
  3. Select "email us."
  4. Now enter the details to update your information.
  5. After filling in relevant information, click "submit."

So a letter is sent to the airline. And soon, you will receive an email from the WestJet airline confirming the name change before sending the updated information to you. 

Contact WestJet agent for a name change

If you want to change the name offline, then you can contact the Westjet customer agent for  ticket name correction. Call the helpline number 1 (888) 937-8538. Even if you have any doubt related to the terms and conditions related to the name change policy of WestJet Airlines, you can contact us via this number. 

Westjet name change fee policy:

No fee is paid to make corrections in the name on westjet ticket within 24 hours. However, passengers required to change their ticket after 24 hours have to pay a cost close to the US $80. Depending on the destination and fare type, the amount can be extended up to the US $170. This much burnt you have to bear for the WestJet name change fee.

Do you need a middle name on the airline ticket WestJet?

The most frequent question asked by the passengers about the necessity of a middle name on the airline ticket. WestJet offers to include your middle name to issue a ticket, but it isn't mandatory.

You can use the name correction policy to add your middle name if you find the need to make changes for some reason. But for smooth boarding, all you need to mention is the correct first and last names.

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