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How do I get my WestJet digital boarding pass?

How do I get my WestJet boarding pass?

If you have booked the tickets on WestJet, the boarding pass will be required to board the flight. The pre-requisite condition for boarding is to first complete the check-in formalities for the scheduled flight. The boarding pass of WestJet can be received in the following ways:

If the check-in is done online:

If you have done a web check-in, then your WestJet boarding pass will be sent to your registered email address along with other relevant information. Ensure to check the email after the check-in is done for the WestJet flight.

If the check-in is done from the phone:

If you download the WestJet app on your mobile phone, complete the online check-in that is available 24 hours before the flight departure, and to receive the WestJet boarding pass on phone, do the following: 

  • Sign in to your west WestJet account with the username and password
  • Go to Manage trips option
  • Enter the six-digit reference code and last name 
  • Find the recent booking with check-in information
  • The boarding pass will be there with other information about the flight.

If the check-in is done at the Airport:

The WestJet boarding pass will be issued to the passenger for boarding the flight after check-in at the airport counter of WestJet.

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