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What is WestJet Baggage policy?

WestJet Baggage Policy

Passengers having a WestJet flight reservation need to consider the baggage allowances given by the airline before prepping for their flight booking. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions revolving around WestJet baggage that will help people in contemplating everything related to baggage allowance at the airline, allowing them to have a smooth travel experience. So without much ado, let’s get into WestJet baggage allowance. 

What is WestJet baggage allowance? 

Passengers may have doubts related to the allowed baggage for their WestJet flight booking. One can check the baggage allowance online on the WestJet website. People can visit the WestJet website: to find the permissible baggage for their fare type and booking category. 

The WestJet baggage policy plays a vital role in understanding the baggage allowance for WestJet flights. Here are the key pointers of the WestJet baggage policy that one can abide by before packing for taking their WestJet flight: 

  • People can enjoy baggage advantages if they have the WestJet RBC world elite MasterCard with them. MasterCard allows individuals to take the first checked bag for free on traveling with WestJet. 
  • Travelers can prepay for any two checked bags on WestJet-operated flights. This can be done online at the time of booking or later using the ‘Manage booking’ tab up to 24 hours from the actual scheduled departure of your WestJet reservations. 
  • People can pay the checked baggage fee during online check-in or at the airport. This must be done 24 hours to 60 minutes before the actual departure date and time of your flight. 
  • Passengers need to pay USD 10 extra per bag if they are checking their bags within 24 hours of departure or at the airport for WestJet flights on and after June 1, 2022. 

How much does WestJet charge for checked bags? 

Passengers can easily contemplate the WestJet baggage fee via the Baggage fee table mentioned below. This is an actual fee board derived from the official WestJet website:

Prepaid bag fee

Fare category  First checked bag Second checked bag
Basic USD 30 to 35.40 USD 50 to 59
Econo or Member Exclusive  USD 30 to 35.40 USD 50 to 59
EconoFlex No fee USD 50 to 59
Premium or PremiumFlex No fee No fee
Business or BusinessFlex No fee No fee

Check-in bags fee

Fare Category First checked bag Second checked bag Third checked bag Fourth checked bag
Basic USD 40 to 47.20 USD 60 to 71 USD 100 to 118 USD 100 to 118
Econo or Member-exclusive USD 40 to 47.20 USD 60 to 71 USD 100 to 118 USD 100 to 118
EconoFlex No fee USD 60 to 71 USD 100 to 118 USD 100 to 118
Premium or PremiumFlex No fee No fee USD 100 to 118 USD 100 to 118
Business or BusinessFlex No fee No fee USD 100 to 118 USD 100 to 118

People can navigate to the official WestJet website for proper details concerning WestJet baggage fees. 

What is the maximum weight for carry-on baggage at Westjet?

People are allowed to carry light-weight items as per the WestJet baggage allowance carry-on policy. The carry-on baggage must fit in the overhead compartment unaided. There are no specifications for carry-on baggage weight online at

Do you get a free bag with WestJet?

You may get a free bag with west jet, but there will be the first bag fees if you use WestJet RBC world elite MasterCard primary cardholders; moreover, you have the freedom to add eight guests on the same reservation. Suppose you are a member of econoflex, premium, business, silver, gold, and platinum. In that case, it is also included in the first bag fees, but the excess bags are allowed for the platinum rewards members. 

How many free checked bags on WestJet?

  • The west jet is allowed to check 2 to 4 bags on their flight according to the WestJet baggage fee guidelines; if you are with WestJet encore where you have the freedom to take 2 to 3 bags. 
  • If, anyhow, in some situations, you included items of baggage more than the allowed limit, then, in that case, you have to pay some extra baggage fare, depending on the type of luggage.

How do I avoid WestJet baggage fees?

You can avoid west jet baggage fees if you follow some smart steps to save your budget, which you can use in the future for other processes. You can avoid the baggage fees mentioned above if you purchase the flight ticket with the WestJet RBC Mastercard. With the help of this, you can use it to take up to eight passengers on the same booking, and you will get one free check-in baggage for each passenger.

  1. You can use a simple trick: carry your heavy solid items in the handbags like laptop, tabs, and kindle because it counts as the personal item that fits under your seat. 
  2. You can carry a jacket or warm scarf so that you won’t have to pay for the blanket either, and it will fit in your bag easily so that you can get extra space in your bag.

 How do I claim delayed baggage on WestJet?

  • Yes, you can claim your delayed baggage through the WestJet baggage claim policy; according to that, you must inform the airline within 12 hours after arriving at your respective place. You are required to report your delayed or lost baggage to the authority along with your contact info and a detailed description of your respective baggage so that they can track your belongings easily without any delay.
  •  After confirming your report, please send it to the airline authority then the support team will provide you an update on your luggage at the registered email id.

Does WestJet allow a free carry-on?

West jet permits one handbag or carry-on bag along with one personal item such as a purse, laptop bag, or briefcase; these are free per person. The WestJet baggage allowance carry-on must follow the dimensions and weight set in such a way by the airline authority so that it will not disturb other items. The dimensions that have been issued by the airline are 45 inches linearly and in centimeters 114 cm (53cm x 38cm x 23cm). 

  1. If you exceed this limit, then the airline will charge you for some extra, and in that case, it becomes more expensive for you. 
  2. The fees around the airline take are 100$- 118$ for excess bags, and in the case of the oversized bag, the airline will charge the same fees. 
  3. If you have carried extra items related to sports and some firearms, then the charge is around 50$ - 59$.

How much do you get for lost luggage WestJet?

If you have reported for the WestJet baggage loss, then the airline will compensate for your baggage, but it depends on the type of baggage and reporting time. After analyzing and verifying the situation, they will revert some amount to your given account. The limit has been set to approximately $2,300 per passenger. So double-check your baggage counts and other details to make it easier for you to get back your baggage. Avoiding unnecessary paperwork can save your time immensely so that you can focus on other things.

If you have another doubt, you can still contact the West jet customer support either you can mail them or directly talk to the Westjet live person via the toll-free number 1-888-937-8538 available on their site.


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